Best Homemade Italian Meatballs Recipe | Italian Grandma Cooking

Meatballs and tomato sauce — an Italian classic! This Italian grandma’s recipe makes 22 to 25 meatballs. Let’s gather our ingredients! For the ground meat base you’ll need: 300 grams of ground pork, 200 grams of ground beef, 50 grams of mortadella and 1 German style sausage. So-called Italian sausage isn’t actually popular in most […]

Rice Salad

Hey there! Welcome to The Vegan Corner. Here is our recipe for a delicious and summery rice salad, or insalata di riso as we call it in Italy. This dish is incredibly savoury yet very refreshing at the same time and it is perfectly suited for one of those scorching days we tend to endure […]

SICILY FOOD TOUR | Street food in Italy | Palermo street food and traditional SICILIAN food

today we’re in Italy on the island of Sicily and we’re here to eat we’re in the capital of Palermo and we can’t wait to show you the best food the city has to offer if you love to eat Palermo’s food scene will be right up your alley the food culture here revolves around […]

Piedmont’s Cuisine With Chef Pierpaolo Livorno

Welcome to Bra, Northern Italy. We are in the Piedmont region, birthplace of the Slow Food movement. The organization has its headquarters here and has inspired the transformation of a former royal residence, Pollenzo, into a symbol of its philosophy. As Soup As Possible sneaked into the kitchen to meet a master of the local […]

Chicago’s Best Off the “L”: Dave’s New Kitchen

[Upbeat Music] – Checking out Dave’s new kitchen in Evanston is great for so many reasons today. First, the Noyes L stop is just a half-block away. Second, I didn’t have to look for parking ’cause there’s a ton on the street. And third, calzones. Did you hear me? Calzones! You’ve been in the industry […]

How to make Marinara Sauce (Meatball Sub-Sauce Recipe)

Today we are going to make a Marinara sauce A classic tomato sauce And this is great for meatballs, pasta or anything like that And pretty simple to mak, in fact you don’t even need to ….dice up your onion Just get it peeled & cut in half So once you have your onion ….cut […]


Dear friends of GialloZafferano It is a real honour for me to introduce to you the recipe of real love, the kind of unconditional love which lasts forever. It is the recipe my granny used to make for my mum and then my mum to me and I will make it for my chubby baby […]

How to Make Gnocchi

Hello and welcome to The Vegan Corner. When it comes to our preferred Italian foods, the following is definitely one of the recipes that comes to mind, which is the one to prepare gnocchi from scratch. Unfortunately, the gnocchi you find in the supermarkets almost invariably contain eggs, which is odd as they are not […]

Pizza Sauce

Hi and welcome to the vegan corner. Here is our recipe for a truly delicious Italian pizza sauce. We are going to share with you the steps we like to follow for perfect pizza sauce at every attempt, and we will also discuss how traditional Neapolitan pizza sauce is prepared in pizzerias all over the […]

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