Cooking with your Parents – Foil Arms and Hog

Oisín What? Help me in the kitchen. I am up to my eyes. Ah do I have to? Yes. You do have to. Use exact measurements Oisín. Follow the recipe to the letter. Well how much do I add? A handful will do. What? A heaped tea-spoon. A dollop. A scoop. A pinch. A lug. […]

Our Kitchen Workplace Charter | Chef Network

We had some ideas ourselves about what we thought we needed to change and what we thought the industry could do with a benefit, and we were looking for a voice and we were looking for something that was very much chef led. It’s about bringing like minded individuals together to promote our industry as […]

The ultimate hot cross bun recipe from the National Trust

Easter is fast approaching, and one of the things I really find special about Easter is baking. So I’m going to show you how to make hot cross buns. The way I make them is slightly different. So there’s a special glaze that goes on them at the end which just adds a little bit […]

President Jerry Springer? What Jerry really thinks of Donald Trump – BBC

Jerry wants to ask you you’ve done your show in the UK and in the US Yes Do you notice a big difference between the guests are the audience’s I honestly don’t see the difference, we get most of our culture at least in music during the 60s and 70s it all came from over […]

Saorview Connect – A tour of the remote control

Hello. The Saorview remote is your key to navigating the world of free TV. This video will give you a quick tour of it and some of it’s features. Right at the top we have the power button for your Saorview Connect box, and the TV button can be used to control your TV. Find […]

Bacon from Jane Russell – A Taste of Ireland’s Ancient East

Kildare in Ireland’s Ancient East is probably best known for the Curragh and places like the Irish National Stud but I’m here in Kilcullen to meet Jane Russell, who produces delicious sausages and rashers well, the bacon is a really really simple process, Catherine we start off with a piece of free range pork belly […]

A Taste of Ireland’s Ancient East with Catherine Fulvio

One of my favourite places in Ireland is Ireland’s Ancient East with rich, lush farmland that provides some of the most sumptuous and natural foods you’ll find anywhere today, I’m going to explore the region and meet some of the farmers and growers and using their foods, I’ll show you how to create a mouthwatering […]

Real Health Podcast with the Happy Pear

laya healthcare it's good to live proud sponsor of the real health podcast with Carl Henry welcome to the latest episode of the real health podcast in association with lay healthcare with me Carly Henry folks this week's guests need no introduction really their goal at the very start of their journey of their career […]