What’s up YouTube? Today, is a very special day. I saw this on a website hosted by ‘Ooho’- Hopefully I’m pronouncing that right. It’s a business in the UK that makes edible water bottles. They are solving a very important problem. Plastic is filling landfills. So let’s make some blue balls and some green balls […]

Best 5 newest and coolest kitchen utensils// kitchen gadgets 2017, Make our cooking easier & safer.

my name is George and I am Youhanis and yes we are friends and we love cooking we had lots of ideas as many prototypes we finally found something that brings it all together and we are so proud to show to u today So Its basically a regular chopping board but it brings a […]

The Native American Master Chef Bringing Back True American Cuisine — Capital One [SPONSORED]

(mystical music) – [Sean] The land the animals, the plants, within Lakota philosophy we’re kind of all apart of everything. I think you can feel it when you’re out in these regions and when we’re out gathering some of these foods and flavors that people have been utilizing for millennia. Indigenous foods it’s just the […]


et tout de suite je n'exagère rien le meilleur gadget de cuisine que la terre entière n'ai jamais connu c'est parti les gadgets de cuisine oh que je les ai eus dans les commentaires sous la dent les amis pour changer je voulais fait gagner c'est simple ça se passe dans la description ne vous […]

How to Make a Thanksgiving Meal from Scratch | HTME: Remix

the average American spends around 50 dollars on a Thanksgiving meal and around 8 hours to actually make it but if you really want to be cheap and lazy you can easily make it in just 15 minutes for under $25 but what if you want to take it to the other extreme by hand […]

Turn Nutella Into A Chocolatey Pasta Dessert — You Can Do This!


what's up YouTube today is a very special day I saw this on a website hosted by fooled hopefully ever nothing that right into business in the UK that makes edible water box they are solving a very important problem plastic it's filling landfills so let's make some blue balls and some green balls and […]

Pulls Levers in Bedroom, Makes Tea in Kitchen

what do i cup first thing I think of is ooh I want a cup of tea he's not that guy and short on the side it seems I see this is Colin Furze team machine [Applause] so here we have the Colin Furze t machine the first T 500 C now you saw me […]