How To Make a Brownie Baked Alaska

-These are pretty stiff. Nice whipped peaks. I can turn it over my head. This is what Jamie Oliver always does, right. He’s like, “You know they’re done.” Should I do it? Ah! It’s really nerve-racking. Hi. I’m Farideh, the culinary director at “Munchies,” and today we’re making a grasshopper baked Alaska, which is a […]

$1 Skewers in LA – Street Food Icons

-When you live in America, you can do everything you want, but you work. You hard work and honesty, you know? Now I’m here, and the Filipino people like Dollar Hits. We have 33 kinds of sticks. Every stick, it’s a dollar. That’s why it’s called Dollar Hits. All the way from Hawaii! Thank you, […]

Peter Baker on a well-informed public

If you believe in the public service function of journalism to inform the public, the public is pretty well-informed right now. – The public has the option of being well-informed if they want to be. – If they choose to be. They choose to be. – There are plenty of places now to go and […]

Ellen and Padma Lakshmi Cook Up Some Fun!

You admitted here that you met Salman Rushdie when he was married.>>Mm-hm.>>And tried to fight that and didn’t want to get into a relationship, but you did.>>I was in my 20s, when I met Salman and it was really like literally fireworks because we met at Liberty Island at that talk party and for us […]

Dane Cook and Jimmy Compare Embarrassing Headshots

-Welcome back. I’m happy you’re here. How are you feeling? -It’s so good to be back. I feel great. -Yeah. -I feel — You know what? I feel great, but can I just — Can I get right into something that’s been on my mind lately? -Sure, of course. -I’m 47, Jimmy. And — Can […]

Turkey Club Sandwich & Perfect Onion Rings – The Cooking Show

-Picture it. The year is 1894. Don’t. Don’t. Shh. This is a serious moment, okay? Why are you — Why are you laughing? The year before, we had the panic of 1893 in the United States. It was a severe economic depression. New Zealand was the first country in the world to allow women to […]

White Trash Bruschetta and Henny Wings: Fuck, That’s Delicious (Episode 3)

[LONDON, ENGLAND] Welcome to England kids. The land of dirty sex and cheap Chinese food. Actually, I have roots here. My grandpa over in Manchester over a century ago. That’s me, and this is: [FUCK THAT’S DELICIOUS] [ACTION BRONSON, RAPPER/CHEF] We’re in London, Chinatown. Kowloon Restaurant, [CHINATOWN, LONDON] I love this fucking place man. I’ve […]

Meghan Trainor Cut “Me Too” with Lizzo in the Kitchen

-Congratulations are in order, because you were just announced as a judge on “The Voice UK.” [ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you. -So, you are an artist putting out music. And I’m always fascinated by artists that are putting out music because there’s so much — We already talked about music earlier. They’re so […]

The Oldest Fast Food Restaurant in London’s East End

-One thing about eels A lot of people see these as snakes and all the rest of them– Well, they’re not. Very very nutritious Very easily digested And they’re supposed to be an aphrodisiac. What are you smiling at? Pie and Mash is very traditional, especially in the East End. I would think that mostly […]

‘Downton Abbey’ Star Lesley Nicol Admits She’s Not The Best Cook | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– I’m gonna ask this first, because your co-stars had a lot of wardrobe mishaps. (laughs loudly) The banana-hammock might have been my favorite. (laughs) So have you had any? Did you have any on set? – Um, not really. The party people had more mishaps because they had very delicate fabrics and beautiful clothes. […]