4. Bean Essentials – Pressure Cooking School

Hi, I’m Laura Pazzaglia of Hip Cooking today, we’re pressure cooking beans! We’ll discuss the difference between pressure cooking beans straight from dry versus soaked. I will show you a technique on how to quick-soak beans in just 12 minutes. Plus, we’ll make an easy black bean and lentil chili recipe. Welcome to Pressure Cooking […]

Healthy RV Cooking Instant Pot Recipe | Camper Van Life S1:E38

this week find out what it’s like to cook in a campervan, prepare healthy meals and Kait shares one of her instant pot recipes we get questions all the time about Kate’s cooking where we put everything how we’re able to store food in such a small frigerator and that sort of thing so we […]

Instant Pot Crack Chicken

– Hey guys, I’m Jennifer Banz and I’m back today with another Instant Pot recipe. I’m gonna make my Instant Pot Crack Chicken, don’t hate the name, love the recipe, hate the name, that’s what I wanted to say. Everybody hates the name but I’m sorry, that’s what people search for on Google, so that’s […]

Instant Pot Cheese Cake Trisha’s Journal August 23, 2018

Hi friends Trisha here. Welcome to Trish’s Journal today. I thought I would share with you me making cheesecake It’s my first time in my instant pot but I got for Christmas this past year, so bear with me In here I have 2 cream cheese and I’ll leave a link to the recipe It’s […]

This Could Be The Wireless Kitchen Of The Future

– We’re here today at the Wireless Power Consortium. I have a cramped kitchen, you probably have a cramped kitchen, and we’re gonna see what a cordless future kitchen might actually look like. – So here’s this is called a hidden transmitter, or power spot, and you take out your appliance from the drawer. – […]

HOW TO COOK OATMEAL ‣‣ 6 Amazing Steel Cut Oatmeal Recipes

(slow R&B music) – Hello, friends, welcome to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. Today I have got a fabulous video in store for you because we are making oatmeal, but we’re not just making your standard, traditional oatmeal because I felt like that was gonna be kind of a boring […]

Instant Pot Potato Onion Sambar | 5 minutes Recipes | Amruthas Kitchen and Beauty

Instant Pot Potato Onion Sambar | 5 minutes Recipes | Amruthas Kitchen and Beauty

LIVE IT: Detox Cabbage Soup

(upbeat music) – [Cory] Happy New Year. Here is a simple and hearty soup to help combat the indulgence in the holidays. It’s delicious, simple, easy to make and full of vitamins and minerals. Be sure to remove the tough center of the cabbage. It takes a long time to cook, and it isn’t very […]

Is the Instant Pot Worth It? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– Today we are testing the popular Instant Pot versus your traditional pressure cooker. The one thing about pressurizing food is it’s quick, but it doesn’t really develop the flavors as much as a slow-cooking method. So compared to your basic pressure cooker, which is just a pot, the lid that pressurizes, you’re using it […]

4 EASY Instant Pot Chicken Recipes – Perfect for Beginners

hey guys welcome back to six sister stuff today I am making four chicken instant pot recipes chicken is one of my most favorite things to cook an instant pot so you're gonna want to stick around so my name is Kristen I am sister number two from six sisters calm and every Monday I'm […]