DJ Chase B Discovers Chicago’s Unique Food Scene || InstaChef

– Yolk me. Yolk me down. – You know that, Chef Jeff. There you go. – Aw, Baby. Look, I love Chicago. From a young age. I spent my weekends, holidays and almost all my summers here with my grandparents and family on the South Side in Chatham. Because of that, it feels great to […]

Pizza Hut Four Way Pizza Taste Test | FUTURE FAST FOOD

روتين أطفالي في الثلوج الأولى // لوبيا بالمرقاز بكل بساطة, وصفة ليه ليه

‘I Don’t Understand You People,’ Dr. Phil Says To Guests

Timothy DeLaGhetto Reviews Philly’s Secret Food || InstaChef

– [Cliff] And then, hold on, the sauce. – [Timothy] The sauce is bomb. – The sauce, I’m not gonna lie, I’m trying to boss up. That sauce got some kick to it. – ‘Cause you weak. You know what, it ain’t even all that spicy guys, he weak. – How dare you? (laughs) – […]

De REJEITADA a ACLAMADA, Katherine Langford, a HANNAH BAKER de 13 Reasons Why

Making Slime Food vs Squishy Food! Squishy vs Slime Challenge

Hey guys, it’s Chloe and welcome back to my channel I am doing another food out of something video, okay? And guys love these I’m gonna keep giving them to you I saw that slime is a huge trend obviously people love my slime food videos squishys are also a very big trend right now […]

Making FOOD out of SLIME! Food vs Slime Challenge

Yo, it’s Cloe with the flow and today, I’m coming at you with another food out of something video. You guys really loved making food out of candy So I decided to do a part 2 Making food out of slime To like this video, press my notifications, press subscribe if you’re not already and […]


Why are we still here? Hey, guys, how you doing? So, today, we’re going to be looking at Instagram, uh… More specifically, Instagram chefs, Instagram, uh – cooks. Only the finest food that, ‘that guy’ from Ratatouille, uh – the little blue guy, yeah. He could learn a thing or two from this – uh […]

Помидоры в СНЕГУ на зиму, цыганка готовит. Gipsy cuisine.

Всем доброго времени суток, всем привет! сегодня приготовим помидоры в снегу на зиму.Для начала мы баночки помыли, налили понемножечку водички и отправим в микроволновку минут на 8, то есть включаем микроволновку и они у нас там крутятся.Стерилизуем крышки, залили водой и прокипятим минутки 3 – 5. Ну и конечно нам понадобятся помидорки.У меня на этот […]