Hey guys! It’s Jana! And today we’re going to do a nightly reset oh my gosh look at this kitchen it’s bazerko so the kids had a wonderful day making a project so it’s all over my kitchen and I got dishes everywhere and just stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff so I cannot go […]

Ellen Welcomes Back Inspiring Principal Akbar Cook

Well, you look very, very sharp. Oh, man. You look good. Well, thank you, Ellen. I’m trying to be like you when I grow up. So what’s the reaction at school since you were here? Well, when I got back, Ellen, it was like it was a Super Bowl parade waiting on me. And there […]

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Kitchen

Minecraft: How to make a Kitchen Today, I’ll build a kitchen that is as average as I could possibly make it. If this isn’t the kitchen you’re looking for, you’ll at least be inspired, I hope! I’ve chosen to go with a bit of a modern look, because that seems to be the most popular. […]

God’s Radical Love (Heidi Baker, Martin Smith & Todd White)

For me the gospel is about love. It’s about grace. It’s about the realization that none of us deserve anything. None of us deserve the love of God at all. It’s Him that comes and finds us. It’s like that story of the prodigal son you know where the father welcomes us home and I’m […]

Empowering Female Bakers at Hot Bread Kitchen!

– [Jessamyn] In North America and in Europe, men are getting good jobs in the baking industry, so we’re really trying to change the face, and the gender, and the diversity of a particular industry. – When I first came to Hot Bread Kitchen, I was so afraid to speak English in front of people […]

LEGO Gourmet Kitchen TUTORIAL

Hello this is Jaystepher here with another Lego tutorial on how to build a Lego Gourmet Kitchen Hello this is Jaystepher here with another Lego tutorial on how to build a Lego Gourmet Kitchen with a center island, and a two-basin sink. Okay here is the room that we’re gonna to be putting our kitchen […]

See a Stylish, Wheelchair-Friendly Kitchen for an Avid Baker

(tranquil music) – It’s not something that you take in very easily. Overnight you go from able bodied, capable of doing most things, getting on with your life, to lying on a bed. Unable to do a lot. (clock ticking) I had a bit of a headache, decided to go out for a jog to […]

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Kitchen

HOW TO MAKE A KITCHEN Hello you! Today i’ll show you how to make an interactive modern kitchen! It’ll have all kinds of cool features! First, we dig out a hole for the floor. I’ll be skipping most of the boring parts. Now that we have the hole, we make the floor! I’ll give you […]

Are Raisins Healthy? Here's What Experts Say – Nutrition Food Series

11 Risk Factors That Destroy Your Brain | Dr. Daniel Amen on Health Theory

thanks for tuning in to this episode sponsored by our friends at butcher box we've got an awesome offer for you guys in the description below so be sure to check that out in today's episode of hell theory with dr. Daniel Amon we discuss why football is worse for your brain than cocaine how […]