Dahi bhindi okra in yogurt gravy, delicious side dish by manjula

Today I will be making Dahi Bhindi or Okra with Yogurt gravy. This is a great way to enjoy okra with tangy creamy sauce. Dahi bhindi is simply delicious and easy to make. This goes well with Jeera Rice or Roti, Parantha. This recipe will serve 4. I have already washed and pat dried the […]

Top 10 Most Famous Indian Dishes

Hayeee…. My mouth’s watery now !!! Hello friends , how are you doing ? I hope you all are doing great and enjoying the Christmas vibe here in Canada and back home. Friends there are a lot options that we have for Indian cuisines and dishes , Indian culture and food are equally diversified Biryani […]

Must Have WINTER Appliances .. | #Gadgets #KitchenHacks #Utilities #CookWithNisha

Hey guys in Today’s video I am going to show 5 such winter appliances Which can make our winters awesome And I will be coming up with such amazing videos So, let’s start the video What do you think about the cold outside? i just think of a warm room So just thanks to technology […]

Legendary Pakistani Food Hidden In The Back Of An LA Convenience Store

-My name is Fozia. -And I’m Fahim Siddiqui. -We do restaurant business, Zam Zam Market. This is a family business. -Do you like working with your husband and you working with your wife? -We have a good understanding. We help each other. If he’s tired, he go home. I look after everything for him. [ […]

Rolling Gunpowder Dosa at Santa Fe’s Only South Indian Restaurant — Cooking in America

– So Santa Fe’s got a population less 100,000 people and smack dab in the middle of it is Paper Dosa. It’s a South Indian cuisine restaurant. They’re not doing tikka masala. These guys are doing paper dosas from Chef Paulraj who left San Francisco to follow his heart in Santa Fe. Hey Chef. – […]

Indian Street Food FACTORY – Enter Street Food HEAVEN – Hyderabad, India – BEST Street Food in India

– Alright, check it out guys. This is Trevor James. We are in Hyderabad, India. This is a truly magical place and it’s full of delicious South Indian food and Indian halal food. It’s gonna be a true street food adventure. Let’s check it out. This is Hyderabad, home to tons of delicious South Indian […]


Chicago’s Best of Rosemont: Maharaja

(Indian techno beat) – Whether at work or play, sometimes lunch in Rosemont can come at a premium. So when we heard that Indian restaurant Maharaja was not only serving up a convenient lunch buffet, but oh-so-modern twists on Indian classics, we knew it was a place where we could all be happy! (music) – […]

Indian Street Food Tour in Chennai, India | Street Food in India BEST Curry!

Kamala Harris & Mindy Kaling Cook Masala Dosa

[Mindy Kaling] I don’t wanna suffer the consequences of our future president not liking my Indian food. [Kamala Harris] Can I just tell you something? [Mindy Kaling] Yeah. [Kamala Harris] I’ve never made dosas. (mellow drum beat) (laughing) [Kamala Harris] Hi. [Mindy Kaling] Hi. I love that you’re coming through the kitchen already, like you […]