Howdy folks how is it going it is Barry here welcome to my virgin kitchen called my virgin kitchen because I learnt to cook on youtube and every recipe I do is me making it for the first time to inspire you guys and today we are making a peach cobbler roulade you are going […]

American Flag Cupcake Recipe

Why just sing the star-spangled banner when you can eat it? Show your patriotic spirit by bringing a tray of these American flag cupcakes to the party. Here we have not only the recipes for scrumptious cupcakes and frosting but also the tips and tricks for arranging them into your favorite patriotic dessert. Memorial Day, […]

4th July Special | One nation, under cake, indivisible, with pie and ice cream for all!


4th Of JULY Party Food | Appetizers ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ‰, Dinner ๐Ÿ” & Drinks ๐Ÿฅค๐Ÿน

hey guys and welcome back to my channel and happy 4th of July today I am showing you all the cute little things that I made for our 4th of July dinner and my table scape the first thing I made was this American flag you're going to need some blueberries some white covered pretzels […]

4 Hacks For A Better July 4th Weekend | Better | NBC News

Nolan North and Troy Baker Could've Been At A BBQ This Independence Day

[Applause] I like 1st or 2nd grade miss Valero there was a girl that would have the biggest buildup no mr. Flair was no miss you clear you're not hot with me like mr. Flair Flair fellatio no lair no no Larry oh that literally this is at a Southern Baptist small private school look […]

How the 4th of July Came to Be – A Cowboy Explains

Howdy, I'm an American cowboy. I'm here to tell youa little story about the birthof a place called America. It all started when a bunchof the coolest guys in England decided they weren'tgoing to speak in that condescendingBritish accent anymore, so they got on a bunch of boatsand sailed for many miles, which is how […]

4th of July Special! Mom & Toddler Baking Amazing BBQ Dessert!

hey I saw you sneak another one hey got you red-handed let me see your hands yup red hands good morning you guys welcome to the wander family vlog we are celebrating fourth of July well we're getting ready for 4th of July so we've got all things 4th of July for today's vlog this […]