Cooking – Squirrel (Skillet)

One of the most abundant game animals in Missouri is the squirrel… and we’ve got an easy way to make it a tasty dish. Cut two squirrels into pieces, dredge in flour, and brown the meat in an electric skillet, set at 350-degrees. While it’s browning, chop two large onions. Mince a clove of garlic…slice […]

Cooking Field to Table with Luke Zahm — Wild Wisconsin 2019

[Intro music plays] Well Lauren, here we are on our sixth and final segment Wild Wisconsin. And one of my favorites too, cooking wild game with the DNR’s Jeff Pritzl and chef Luke Zahm from Wisconsin Foodie. Hungry? Always, let’s get to it. [Music plays] Hey, I’m Luke Zahm. I’m host of Wisconsin foodie on […]

How to Set Up a Hunting Blind with Keith Warren –

My name is Keith Warren, I host a TV show called “The High Road” and I’m here for OpticsPlanet to help you determine a good place on where to haul a gun for example, right now we are looking for a good place to put up a hog blind where we can hunt out of, […]

Review of Ration Available in SA: Back Country Cuisine 24H Classic Ration Pack Part 2 of 2

Hi This is BlindFox welcome at the second part of the backcountry cuisine plastic ration pack ration review this is not a South African ration I know or made in South Africa this is made in New Zealand I got this in South Africa though I got this from the survivalist or co to za […]

Wild Game Cooking: Alligator Ancho Relleno – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

[Jeff Martinez] Hi this is Jeff Martinez with El Chile Café and Cantina in Austin Texas. I’ve got an exotic recipe for you today, we’re going to be using a little Alligator. Now most of the time when you get alligator meat it’s either going to be the jaw or the tail. And if you […]


Welcome to Klunatik`s official COMPILATIONS channel! Here we will upload compilations and give more background information about these videos. Check our MAIN channel for our latest videos: YOUTUBE.COM/KLUNATIK This was our first play doh video, it was uploaded on our main channel in 2016. This video went viral and has 41 million views! Play doh […]

Michigan Deer Baiting, Feeding and Food Plots

Bait and feed have the same definition with the exception that bait is used to aid in hunting, and feed is used for any reason other than hunting. Bait or feed is any substance, whether natural or manufactured, that is intended for consumption and composed of grains, minerals (including salt and salt blocks), vegetables, hay […]

Primitive Technology: Hunting wild chicken by primitive technology – Catch n Cook!

Primitive Technology: Hunting wild chicken by primitive technology – Catch n Cook!

How to Make Coconut Cream Pie | Stacy Lyn Harris

Hey, I’m Stacy Lyn. Today I’m making coconut cream pie. You are gonna love it. [Music] Stacy Lyn. Savor the good life. One of the reasons I love it is because it’s a custard base and you can make 3 different pies, if not more than that, out of this base. You can make a […]

Spit Roast Lamb | Hunter Gather Cook

Hey Food Tube, I’m Nick, founder and director of Hunter Gather Cook today we’re down at the tree house HQ and we’re going to show you an Argentinian approach to grilling lamb Lamb Asador is a traditional Argentinian method of grilling, so we just put the lamb on a big spit slow cooked, really smokey […]