While France is going through a very tense Presidential election… While the political context is explosive… While every French person has their eyes set on their country’s fate… Norman publishes an opinionated, extremely controversial video, which will change everything. WRONG! Uh no, it’s a video about waiters. In cafés and stuff… So what? Are you […]


France: the country of gastronomy with its flavours, its products, its wine, and especially its acclaimed chefs who are among the best in the world. The citizens of this culinary heaven must be so savvy and talented and among the greatest culinary wizards, all winning the Cordon Bleu. WRONG! Al dente! I don’t know about […]


Thank you. Ah shit! If you really want to stay healthy, eat raclette. FALSE! Recently I had some friends over for raclette And it’s true that this dish has a lively, enjoyable side to it that brings everyone happiness. Except that every time the same things happens: There is always this idiot who puts the […]

La bouffe – Cyprien

I don’t get how someone called “fruits de mer” (seafood), fruits de mer if there has to be one thing that doesn’t look like a fruit, it must be this someone, somewhere thought : Ah, it looks a bit like a pear… really With the.. propo… the color ! No I think I have a […]

Vive les touristes de Thomas Cook – Le billet d’Alex Vizorek

Nicolas Demorand : Alex Vizorek, oui ! 8h57, à vous ! C’est grosse pression ! Dans “Les mémoires d’un touriste” en 1837, Stendhal écrit : « ce que j’aime du voyage, c’est l’étonnement du retour.». Gageons que les clients de Thomas Cook cautionneraient la prose, de l’écrivain voyageur à qui on doit le fameux syndrome […]

Ann’s Kitchen Tour + Mean Comments, HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook THat I am Ann Reardon and so many of you have asked for a behind the scenes tour and kitchen tour so heres a really short one for you. If I’m filming then I usually film here in this little space in my kitchen. I am filming the castle cake […]

PRANKED! Served her own food in top restaurant 😂 – BBC

OK, now, ladies and gentlemen, what is more important on Christmas Day itself than lunch? Personally, huge fan. Who loves a Christmas lunch, by way of applause? Who could not? But of course, it needs to be prepared, so can I ask, by way of applause, who cooks Christmas lunch? Anyone in this room who […]

DIY Prank Chocolate Truffles! How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon and today we are making Bean Boozled Chocolate Truffles some some of them are going to taste nice and some are going to taste awful and these lovely YouTubers are going to eat them for me. So let’s just start by introducing you. Let’s start with […]

Gingers making pancakes

(snorting) (energetic electronic music) – The batter’s all lumpy we made, so we’re gonna have batter with lumps in it. – This looks like a child’s sick. – Let’s spread it around. Wait, you need like a spatula. Don’t use a metal fork. (laughing) That’s more like it, just let it sizzle for a while. […]


[Music] Ha !! What a beautiful day ! This one … It’s so beautiful !! Ah anyway ! [Olivier laughs] It’s disgusting ! I’m going to make pasta It’s easier ! Today is a special event, why? Because we welcome Daniel into our family So all together … * Hello Daniel * Aren’t you going […]