RIVER TROUT FISHING (Primitive Catch & Cook)

it's kind of scary I mean look at that hello fishing freaks and welcome back to the channel where the last fishing trip I went on I was literally in Mexico down the Rolling Hills of Oklahoma fishing some cool waters never been to this place gonna try catching some trout today take home to […]

CATCH and COOK on the Rocks 🎣 Making Fish Tacos from This Monkey Faced Eel 🎣

Cooking Jumbo Perch Lakeside (Catch & Cook)

I wanted this trip to be all about new experiences going on the East Coast trip is something I've always wanted to do now let's see where it takes us my wallets gone the series is going great yesterday was an amazing day we killed it in Toronto we caught some fish somebody must have […]


yep and if you don't then it pinches you and you literally die look how big this thing is compared to you Lilly's turkey fryer lobster fish tank big money big lobsters that thing is massive – there's probably more meat inside the joint areas then the freaking like a whole crab I know right […]


these are all blue because they're like please lift up the lid on that pot opening the package Oh oh my god that is amazing it's you know check it out guys it is a literal blue lobster and it's a hundred percent alive look at it look a feeling to me it's a lot […]


princess we're gonna eat them B if he moves guys okay so we're at Kelly's right now and yes okay we're dating guys I said I have something special in here yeah I think they're pretty much gone now I mean it's been like hours since I last like caught them but in the last […]

Catch and Cook GAR?! Very Suprising!

what's going on guys tall fishing the J here and today I am back with another installment of catch and cook now in my last video which would be the mind cichlid catch and cook you guys were strongly suggesting for me to cook gar now a lot of you guys were commenting that I'd […]

Easiest Catch and Cook Fish – You Can Do It Too!

man you guys are crazy I swear like 80% of the comments in the last video is about the butter without the butter just can't get away from that so I got the stick of butter today and the plan is to cook the most easiest meal that you can get on the beach with […]

Survival Fishing Catch n Cook Primitive Gorge Hook

hey guys so today I'm going to show you how to build a primitive fishing rig we're gonna catch some fish do some forging and then cook it all over a campfire in such a way that you've never seen before it's gonna take some time so let's get started how far a fishing line […]