How to Style a Birthday Cake | How a Food Stylist Decorates the Perfect Layer Cake | Well Done

– Anybody that tells you one container of frosting for one cake, they’re totally full of it. There’s no way that’s the right ratio. I’m a food stylist. Consider me, a makeup artist for food. I take boring everyday average food and make it look amazing. I’m gonna show you how I style a classic […]

How To Decorate A Birthday Cake- The Bitchin’ Baker- Walker County

Welcome to our Channel. I’m Sophie hat Walker County and I’m turning 21 loose And so I decided to make my own birthday cake Such a loser So this cake is so easy it’s ridiculous So I’m gonna walk you through the steps to get this amazing cake, and then we’re gonna eat it at […]

25 SIMPLE AND COOL COOKING LIFE HACKS || Kitchen Tricks, DIY Food Decor Ideas and Easy Recipes

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