3 Pasta Dishes at 3 Effort Levels | 1 Pot | 5 Ingredients | Chef’s Recipe

– We are Sorted, a group of mates from London exploring the newest and best in the world of food, whilst trying to have a few laughs along the way. (laughing) We’ve got chefs, we’ve got normals, and a whole world of stuff for you to explore. But everything we do starts with you. Happy […]

We Tried To Make The Most Intimidating Pasta Dish (Timpano)

– Okay, so here we are. Here’s another episode of Eating Your Feed. So, we have both been on here before. – Yeah. – I saw you boil the peach. ^That was pretty neat. ^- Who knew peaches looked like that on the inside? Yeah, I had no idea what I was doing in there. […]

How To Cook Perfect Pasta | Gennaro Contaldo

Hi guys! Me and the Food Tube family together with our friends the LV are here to help you guys out. You’ve told us what your biggest cooking headaches are, so together we’ll show you our secret tips and tricks, which will change the way you cook forever Here is Gennaro and his method for […]


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You’re Doing it Wrong: Cooking Pasta

You’re probably doing it wrong. Anyone can grab a handful of pasta and throw it in a pot of boiling water, that’s easy. A delicious bowl of pasta perfectly cooked take a little bit of technique. Most people don’t use enough water when they cook pasta. Four to six quarts per pound – what that […]

7 Food Combinations That Can Ruin Your Health

Seven food combinations that can ruin your health Food is an essential part of every person’s life some people love simply cook dishes Others have their eyes on some pungent flavors and enjoy unusual combination choices of course even a child knows that eating beans and soda together can bring unexpected results However even some […]

Easy Shrimp Pasta in a Creamy Tomato Sauce – Natasha’s Kitchen

(upbeat music) – Hey everyone, it’s Natasha of natashaskitchen.com. Today we’re gonna make a pasta that takes just 30 minutes to make. It has shrimp, it has a tomato creamy sauce that’s creamy but light at the same time. It’s awesome, you guys are gonna love it. So let’s get started. First, you’ll need about […]

How To Make Chicken Pesto Pasta with Asparagus – Natasha’s Kitchen

– Hi everyone. It’s Natasha of NatashasKitchen.com, and today I’m sharing a creamy chicken asparagus pesto pasta. It has everything you love about a creamy pasta with incredible flavor, and it’s impressively easy. This 30-minute meal might just become your new favorite. Start by cooking your pasta. (snaps) You’ll need 12 ounces of fettuccine noodles […]

What’s the Best Way to Cook Pasta?

Listen: Pasta is delicious. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. “I LOVE PASTA! I mean … How could you not? I’m actually recording this from a bathtub full of cooked noodles right now. So. Anyway. Only three ingredients go into this delectable dish: eggs, water and flour. That gives you two main […]

10 Incredibly Useful Cooking Tips – Gordon Ramsay

first up the proper way to chop fresh herbs to get maximum flavor chopping herb the secret is to chop them not bruised them now basil this is a soft herb so treat it with some respect when people go mad chopping herbs all the goodness comes out on the board I want the goodness […]