Most Famous Roast Duck Recipe | DADS THAT COOK

(gentle guitar) – So what’s happening with the duck, Micheal, what are we doing with it? – This is my mom’s special duck. – So you don’t really want to share this recipe. – Actually I’m not. I’m just gonna- we’re just gonna… – We’re not even gonna talk about it, it’s just gonna come […]

Chinese cuisine: How to make Nanjing Salt Water Duck 南京盐水鸭 (subtitles in English & Mandarin)

transcription by 大家,什么美食是以咸而闻名的呢? Which dish is famous for being salty?那当然不让,便是这名鼎鼎大名的南京盐水鸭 It is of course the famous Nanjing Salt Water Duck至今已有一千多年历史啦 This is a dish with origins going back more than a thousand years ago可这鲜香美味的南京盐水鸭能在家里做吗? but is it possible to prepare Salt Water Duck at home?只要用了我的窍门儿 all you need is my technique保证你们在自己家里也可以 and I guarantee […]

Wild Cooking – Duck Stew

hi guys today I want to make a box – from the doctor – shop yesterday this here is the meat of the duck and then I have other good things like carrots Patrol saloon and potatoes onions celery stuff like that so now let's cut up the vegetables vegetables oil okay I'm roasting the […]