Former President Barack Obama at Rice University for 25th anniversary of Baker Institute

happening now an invitation-only event at Rice University featuring a high profile dignity former President Barack Obama he is in Houston tonight to help mark a big milestone for the Baker Institute for Public Policy a gala is underway right now but later this evening James Baker will host a conversation with mr. Obama channel […]

Houston Food Bank’s Food Scholarship Program

my name is Dominique Guinn I’m getting my doctorate in health studies at Texas Woman’s University and I’m a recipient of the food scholarship program the food scholarship is a program that Texas Woman’s University has in partnership with Houston Food Bank that helps students supplement their food you know it’s all types of food […]

The Crawfish Boil Combining Cajun and Vietnamese Cooking Techniques — Cooking in America

(hip-hop music) – Ever watch a Chris Brown video, it takes him like five minutes to walk to like right there. What surprised me the most about Houston is its diversity. It’s just as diverse as New York, but with that southern hospitality. In the late 70’s, Vietnamese refugees made their way over to Houston. […]

How a Janitor Became a James Beard Award Winning Chef Through Oaxacan Cuisine — Cooking in America

– [Sheldon Simeon] Chef Hugo Ortega began his journey as a goat herder in Mexico, only to end up winning a Southwest Best Chef James Beard award. After he immigrated to the US at the age of 16, his dish washing career led him to meet the woman that would change his career, and would […]

This Food Truck is Adding Filipino Flavor to All-American Burgers — Cooking in America

– The one sauce of all sauces in the world. Mang Tomas All Purpose Sauce. Put it on anything. Hamburgers, roast pork, sprained ankles. Everything. I ain’t gonna come to Houston and not do me. That’s right, we’re gonna do Filipino. This next that we’re gonna go, we’re gonna probably see those flavors of longanisa, […]

Cougar Halwa Recipe

Hello Cougars, Happy Thanksgiving! Would you like to try a Thanksgiving recipe that's our family favorite? You know foryears we have had traditional Thanksgiving dinner and then mydaughters decided to go vegan and then I decided to go vegan so we had to reallycome up with recipes that would be vegan, tasty, very good. Here […]

Tony Baker (Try Not To Laugh) Vol 16 😂

come on down click squat what up what up what up shit boy duck mr. Ross we are in the clutch A Beka shop was another feature you feels I've been dancing since I came out through mommy that's what you did man his mother but to do a Tony Beck I know you see […]

NFL Star Kareem Jackson Explores Houston Food || InstaChef

=- I want y'all to look at this real quick. – Oh. My goodness. Don't do that, chef, chef. – Don't do it? All right. – No, no, no, I'm saying don't do it but I really mean do it. Welcome to "Instachef," where we profile chefs that are creating a new tradition in the […]

Tony Baker Try Not To Laugh Bird Edition (REACTION) 😂

was one out let's see what does your butcher ability rush we're in the clutch hey you sir your ex upwards of another video man another try not to laugh Tony Baker they go back out of the condition I left a possible they always told me oh yeah you have two missing not possible […]

James A. Baker III gives a unique gift to Baker College at Rice University

totally out of the blue and this is one of the wonderful things about being a master at a college the phone goes you pick it up and you don't know who's on the end of the line so I had a call from France lingerie gian the wife of vedra genetic Baker Institute she […]