Nursing Administration featuring Deb Baker / We Got This

Empathy, critical thinking, advocacy, resilience I think are the things that I think of nurses have to be. I am in charge of nursing and nursing practice. It’s an incredibly meaningful position and I think that at the end of the day I always know that I can I can help someone. I have the […]

Food Hacks: Tips and Tricks to Save You Time in the Kitchen

Food Hacks are tips and tricks to make cooking and prep in the kitchen just a little bit easier and a lot more fun! We asked you folks on twitter what some of your favorite food hacks are in the kitchen, and we got some incredible responses. @TrixolaGeo says “I use a melon baller to […]

Going NUTS! How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I'm AnnReardon and today we're going to make chocolate coated nuts. I bought a mixedbag of nuts 🌰🥜🔩and separated them all out into their individual bowls and I wantto know if you know what each of these are … so if we call this one number onetwo three four […]

Thyroid | Dr. Ashish Chauhan | Healthy Living | Shubhsandesh TV

Top Digital Health Trends In 2019 – The Medical Futurist

2019 shapes up to be the best year for digitalhealth yet. From a global FDA, to A.I. in hospitals, let’stake a look at what we wish to see this year. Here are the major trends that we look forwardto. National digital health strategies While technological development soars, healthcaresystems around the globe struggle with unsustainability, and […]

Discover New Voice and Health Technologies in Our Digitally Connected Health and Wellness i-HOME™

hello I'm an old shirt and I'm here in Orlando Florida at the hem show where we've created a demonstration intelligent home there's a lot of technologies in this home and I'm just going to take a few minutes to introduce you to a few of them so one of the first devices I want […]

The Health System of Taiwan: HCT Healthcare of Many Nations

it's been a while since we've added an episode to our playlist of international healthcare systems let's do another Taiwan is proof that a country can make a swift and huge changed its healthcare system even in the modern day it's also the topic of this week's healthcare triage the united states in part because […]

What does the future of medicine hold? – Health Divide Pt 4 | 7.30

Healthcare Professionals Career Summit

Hi everyone it's Marcia Parker Directorof Community Relations and Enrollment Development here at Long Beach CityCollege and I am thrilled to welcome you to our inaugural health professionscareer exposure summit. We have hundreds of students joining us tonight from highschools all across the region here at Long Beach City College to learn moreabout health professions […]

Rural vs city health + the dental divide between rich and poor – Health Divide Pt 3 | 7.30