Eat the Street does Filipino cuisine

Tonight — Eat the Street will be held at a new location — Kakaako Gateway Park. Joining us this morning — one of the vendors, Kamitoku Ramen. Eat The Street – Kamitoku Ramen Trinhity Tran/Kamitoku Ramen This is Eat the Street: Philippines 4p-9p New location- Kakaako Gateway Park- 747 Ala Moana Blvd. Over 42 food […]

How Sun Noodle’s Saimin Became Hawaii’s Favorite Noodle — Cooking in America

For the past 35 years, Sun Noodle has been facilitating the ramen boom that swept the US. These guys provide noodles for hundreds of restaurants across the US, Europe, and even in South America. They built the factory first in Hawaii, then in California, and later in New Jersey, which when combined make over 200,000 […]

Teppanyaki LOBSTER & STEAK – Amazing Knife Skills and Fire Cooking in Waikiki, Hawaii!

Hawaii's Best Desserts LILIHA BAKERY

oh hi everybody Aloha so today we're going to be trying out some bakery items and desserts from one of the best bakeries today we went around the island with my sister her husband Brian and my mother we're a really really good day we got to see a lot of nice places we got […]