How to Replace a Kitchen Faucet With a Single Handle | The Home Depot

Begin by clearing out all of the products and supplies under the sink. You should also have a shallow pan and a couple of old towels standing by to catch any water. And since much of the job will be done on your back, a pillow will make the work easier to bear. If you […]

A Recycled Herb Garden to Add Vibrancy to Any Kitchen | Home Made Simple | Oprah Winfrey Network

– OK, Mary. We took a lot of stuff out of your cabinets, and some of the items that came out were these cans. And I thought that, since you’re a cook, it would be great for you to have a fresh herb garden. MARY SANCHEZ: OK. LAILA ALI: And I want to inspire you […]

Mouthwatering Southern Chicken and Biscuits Casserole | Home Made Simple | Oprah Winfrey Network

[MUSIC PLAYING] I saved the best for last. Very good, Ben. BEN FORD: We’re going to do a southern chicken and biscuits casserole. You love biscuits? I bet you got– I’ve made a few in my day. We make quite a few here at the restaurant. We’ll start off with our dry ingredients. We’re going […]

Kitchen Shelf – How To Make DIY Storage

oh ho today we’re gonna turn this into this what’s up guys so today I have a special video for you in response to a comment that was left on the video that I posted yesterday from five-0 t-mac this person wants to know how to build the kitchen storage box that I described in […]

My Houzz: Gordon Ramsay’s Surprise Renovation

What does home mean for me? It’s the most important place of our lives. It’s where I can properly relax. Chefs don’t spend that much time at home. So when we are at home, we want to relax, enjoy and unwind. I’m Gordon Ramsay, and this is My Houzz. Christina Wilson is one of the […]

How to Clean a Kitchen | Kitchen Cleaning Tips | The Home Depot

Your kitchen is probably one of the most used rooms in your home. Since it’s where your food is stored and prepared daily, it also requires the most cleaning. While your kitchen appliances require periodic deep cleaning, the rest of your kitchen surfaces require cleaning just about daily. It’s best to work from the top […]

Outdoor Kitchen Building Essentials & Designs to Consider |

Hi, I’m Randy with! Thinking about building your own outdoor kitchen? We always have customers ask us what products we recommend they choose for their outdoor kitchen. Today we’re going to discuss the basic items that are very popular in outdoor kitchens as well as introduce you to other items you might not have […]

IKEA HACK! DIY Murphy Kitchen Island | Small Space Solutions

today I'm hacking an IKEA kitchen cart to give my friend Marc an epic multi-function piece for his studio condo space this was part of a much bigger series that you can check out right here but this is behind the DIY these are the materials you're going to need to make this project I've […]


hi everybody welcome to my channel my name is Brandi and today I want to discuss how we transform the look of our oak cabinets to this beautiful shade of white that's right behind me and we use the general finish's milk paint in the color snow-white to get here small children and pets oh […]

Pan-grilled Pita Pockets – Bun in the Oven Ep2

hello everyone.welcome out of the oven episode 2 this is week 13 of my pregnancy we found out we're having a girl this week so we couldn't be more excited we're gonna be making pita bread today so I'm gonna get started my ingredients for just the first part we're gonna make a quick sponge […]