Veal Schnitzel Recipe (Kalbsschnitzel)

Veal cutlet Pounding the veal cutlet until thin and wider Salt Pepper Flour Egg Bread crumbs seasoned with salt & pepper Fry at medium-high until both sides golden brown The crust should be crispy I serve with Zigeunersoße (Gypsy sauce) & salad Guten Appetit!

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mix almond flour and powdered sugar. sift please sift one more time to prepare thick clumps are discarded without use make meringue. whip the egg white until it’s foams add half the sugar and whip for 30 seconds at low speed add the rest of the sugar and whip it for another 30 seconds at […]

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Hey! What is up? I am Hilah. Today I am gonna show you how to make a delicious sangria. This is just a base recipe. You could mix and match to your heart’s content and then you can drink it on a porch all day long which is what I am gonna do afterwards. [MUSIC] […]

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– Hey dudes. I’m Hilah and today on Hila Cooking, we’re making Pumpkin Bread. Sometimes called Pumpkin Loaf. But the 12 year old boy who lives in my brain tells me that that reminds him of a doo doo. So, we’re gonna go with Pumpkin Bread. Sorry for saying doo doo. (upbeat music) Very simple […]

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Hey guys. It’s Hilah. Welcome to Hilah Cooking. I’ve been talking about it all month because I just love to talk about myself. It is the show birthday, actually, officially today. I’m going to make myself a birthday cake because it’s raining and I’m really depressed that I’m all alone on my birthday. Maybe a […]