EID UL FITR 2019: Maryam and Fatima cooking food for you

I said my alaikum everyone Eid Mubarak in my bag and today this is a very special video it's an eID edition video me and my sister will be making cake pops right yeah and she Fatima is going to help you make the cake pops and I want to invite all of you to […]

Jim Baker/Jessica Hahn sex scandal


Jesus's Body- Heidi Baker

I was surrounded by thousands and thousands of children at the time I had 320 who called me Mom and I screamed no there are too many too many children oh that there he was there he was again my Jesus standing looking at me looking at me surrounded by the same children his eyes […]

Heidi Baker – Intimacy with God

so that's a real secret right there Heidi obeying what Jesus asked you to do but then realizing that you're not doing it in your own ability but totally by yielding to God he's giving his ability to you to accomplish what he's called you to do absolutely yeah I mean do you look at […]

Heidi Baker – 11/1/2005 – "Heidi's Healing" – Toronto

Baker with us and Roland and rollin what if you come up to and say a little bit about what you guys have been going through and come on Heidi let's give her a welcome tonight this is so cool so great the last time I talked to her was a Monday morning and you […]