Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods

Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to “Ancient Medicine Today.” I’m going to be going over the top 10 superfoods that support anti-aging. If you want to look younger, feel younger, if you want to have healthier skin, thicker skin, hair, and nails, then I’m going to be going over, again, the top foods […]

How to Cook Bitter Melon | Karela | Ayurvedic Recipe

Namaste. This is Sapna. Welcome to my home and welcome to my kitchen today we will be talking about a very special vegetable this vegetable may not be your average vegetable that you would pick in the grocery store and bring it to your kitchen but it’s definitely a staple in my household this vegetable […]

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How I Improved My Mental Health | HEALTHY LIFESTYLE // Tiffyquake

hey everyone and welcome back to the channel so yes I know it's been a long time since I've posted to the channel and I'm really glad that you guys enjoyed my day in the live video if you haven't seen it I will link it out right here but I'm super excited to be […]

Booty Building, Nutrition, Recipes & More! (trailer)

hey guys I'm Michael Brown recs are still a little bit – I forgot my opening if I'm Liza Lopez registers will excuse Christmas and the trainer and I'm here to show you probably the most requested video that I've ever got which is how do I train my bouquet at home at Mele x-mass […]

Gallbladder Cleanse: 5 Steps to a Healthy Gallbladder

hey guys dr. Josh axe here welcome to ancient medicine today we are live here right now and hey I'm going to be covering today how to naturally cleanse your gallbladder and I will tell you for so many people we have gunk built up in our in our bile ducts in our liver in […]

Easy & Healthy Habits to Start Now! | Holistic Nutritionist, Model, Mommy

good morning guys I am super excited for this video I think this is going to be the first of its kind for vlog style of healthy habits I do every single day that makes my life a little bit better and partnering for this video with us by far my favorite lip balm company […]

OMAD: Is the One Meal a Day Diet Healthy?

hey it's great to be on with everybody today we're talking about Oh mad is the one meal a day diet you may have heard this term Oh mad it means one meal a day and many people are doing this consuming one meal a day getting great health benefits so we're going to talk […]

What I Eat in a Day | Clean Eating Meals | Holistic Health

hey guys and welcome back to my channel I'm Chelsea diamond thank you for being here one of my recent videos I did was about how I stay healthy and I talked a little bit about how I believe in holistic health mind body and soul and when I talked about body I talked about […]