Kalen and The Try Guys Try and React to Classic ‘OMKalen’ Dishes for Thanksgiving

Oh, god. Ew. No, ma’am. [LAUGHING] I love it. Welcome to OMKalen’s very first Thanksgiving feast. [MUSIC PLAYING] So y’all are known for trying things. So I thought today you would try some of my iconic dishes from OMKalen. First up, the 7-Up salad cake. Oh. Oh, god. No. Oh, woo. What is it? Jesus […]

Roasted Sweet Potato & Kale Recipe | Holiday Thanksgiving Dinner | Ayurvedic Cooking

so today we’re making sweet potatoes with kale and so to start we’re gonna boil our water with some lemons in there and the reason we’re adding these lemon slices is not only to infuse the sweet potato with that like nice vibrant citrusy taste the peels will also add an element of the bitterness […]