#TheMentalist 2.01 – First Episode, First Scene

Ta it down a notch. Take it down three notches. Okay. Under control we’ll get this done quick and be on our way. Hello. We’re from the CBI. May well be that one of you is the murderer. If that’s so, I’m gonna find out who. These two are innocent. They can go. Uh, stick […]


♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (Finebros) So today is gonna be a little bit different. – We’re fighting to the death? – (Finebros) Almost. – (chuckles) – “Almost.” – (Finebros) We have a food challenge for you. – Woo! – What? – I’m hungry. I haven’t had lunch yet. – That means– – (Finebros) […]

OMK! See What’s Cooking at Kalen’s Kountertop

Good, morning. Everybody it is SaturKay. Welcome to OMKalen. Now, listen. I saw that you all was up in my comments talking about them Kool-Aid pickles. And I’m still saying I’m not going eat them Kool-Aid pickles. But I have decided to go back to the beginning of time and try an iconic dish. So […]


♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (Katie) Today, you are going to try snacks from Brazil. – ‘Ey! Exquisite. – I like foreign things. – I know nothing about Brazilian food or snacks. – Brazilian food, I have not tried any, so I’m excited. – They’re probably gonna be not as processed and horrible for […]

Chrissy Teigen Cooks Up Dishes That Will Have You Craving More

This is your second cookbook. Yes. There’s a lot of pictures, family photos. A lot. A lot of sharing, a lot of– New dogs, new everything. OK, so– Babies. –what are we making today? We’re making mushroom nachos with crispy shallots. I know you’re pretty healthy, so I pretend that these are very healthy. They’re […]

OMKalen: Kalen Allen Teaches You How to Spice Up Your Food

So I got my bag of seasonings here, baby. And each one has its own specific purpose. [THEME MUSIC] So last week I went to dinner and ordered pasta. And when I tell you it was the absolute blandest pasta I’d done ever tasted, it literally didn’t make no damn sense to me. So I […]

PRANKED! Served her own food in top restaurant πŸ˜‚ – BBC

OK, now, ladies and gentlemen, what is more important on Christmas Day itself than lunch? Personally, huge fan. Who loves a Christmas lunch, by way of applause? Who could not? But of course, it needs to be prepared, so can I ask, by way of applause, who cooks Christmas lunch? Anyone in this room who […]

If Food Babies Were Real – Merrell Twins (FOOD BABY)

Hey guys! I’m Veronica! I’m Vanessa! Have you ever ate too much food and had a food baby? Well, what if food babies were real? Let’s find out, but before we get on with the video, subscribe to our channel If you are new. Give this video a thumbs up! We post new videos every […]

DIY Prank Chocolate Truffles! How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon and today we are making Bean Boozled Chocolate Truffles some some of them are going to taste nice and some are going to taste awful and these lovely YouTubers are going to eat them for me. So let’s just start by introducing you. Let’s start with […]

Everything Is Complicated | Stand-Up Comedy by Vikramjit Singh

So, before I go ahead I just wanna tell you I do My jokes in English and Hindi both I hope you’re okay with that Because some people are not! This guy met me after a show And said “YOU ARE INDIAN” I said “Erm, yeahh” “Who the hell are YOU?” “PROUD Indian” “Oh” “So […]