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Tonight, you’re going to have to make us a beautiful box of macarons, delicious almond meringue cookies. They require a huge amount of technical skill to get just right. That smooth, hollow top. That ruffled bottom edge. That rich, thin center layered between buttercream or ganache. It starts with egg whites, a little pinch of […]

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– Welcome, sir. – Yeah, what’s up, man? – Good to see you. – How you doing? – Welcome to The F Word. Gentlemen, good evening. – How you doing, brother? – Hi, Rashad. What’s up? Good to see you. Nice to see, Kenyon. Now, first of all, congratulations. Thank you. The BIG3. Yeah. 1, […]

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In today’s surf and turf identification challenge– Come on, ladies! Heidi and Ryan are up first and must correctly identify both proteins that Chef Ramsay has used to make this surf and turf dish. Crab cake. Immediately what jumps to my head is crab cake. That’s not quite crab, though. But I’ve learned in Hell’s […]

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