Dish Racks | Choose Your Favorite

– If you have an apartment that can fit this, just get a dishwasher. (upbeat music) – Welcome back to Choose Your Favorite, our favorite show where we choose our favorite stuff. Here is the first one. This one is a bamboo folding dish rack, there you go. So like that. – Nice. – That’s […]

#TomorrowsDiscoveries: Heart Attack in a Dish – Dr. Brian O’Rourke

>>Hi, I’m Brian O’Rourke, Professor in the Division of Cardiology at Johns Hopkins University. My laboratory studies how mitochondria, the cellular powerhouses of the heart, contribute to heart attacks and heart failure. A continuous supply of energy equivalent to a 15 watt light bulb is required to keep the heart pumping for over three billion […]

5 DIY CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS How To Cook That, candy dispenser

Welcome to How To Cook That I am ANN REARDON Today we are going to make 5 different gifts that you can give away to people who love food which is pretty much every one. The first one that we are going to make is Chocolate bark this is such as easy one to make […]

13 Foods That Make Your Kidneys Healthy

Hey there! We’ve been talking about your eating habits. News flash: It’s killing your kidneys! Yes, you may be able to donate one, but the remaining kidney is vital to your survival! Let’s talk about 13 Foods That Make Your Kidneys Happy. What do you know about sea bass? Ever heard of bulgur? Care to […]

Gummy Food vs. Real Food Challenge #2! Eating Heart, Tongue, Rat, Rabbit, and Octopus.

No! No, no, no, no– This is the Real or Gummy Challenge– The worst one! –where one player gets to enjoy the candy version of a food, while their partner has to deal with the real thing. Bon Apetit. You know what they say, sequels are always worse. We’re back baby, let’s do this. Yeah! […]


Hey guys it’s Ro! Today I’m filming a Kitchen Haul Video, as many of you know, I have recently moved, and I wanted to get some stuff for the new kitchen. I just came back from shopping, I went to a bunch of different stores in the area, and I found some cute things. So […]


Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon Today we are making a broken heart cake modeled on the cake in the Taylor Swift song Blank Space from her 1989 album. So so many requests for something Taylor Swift. To make this you will need a double quantity of vanilla buttercream and recipe […]

Joker’s “Cold, Cold Heart” Music Video (Troy Baker) – Batman: Arkham Origins

Я так стараюсь, мой дорогой, показать тебе, что все мои мечты лишь о тебе. Но ты все равно боишься, что всё, что я делаю – это просто какой-то дьявольский план. Воспоминания из твоего одинокого прошлого разделяют нас. Почему я не могу избавить тебя от сомнений и растопить твое ледяное сердце? Другое преступление, что было до […]