How to Make Salsa with CORN & BLACK BEAN SALSA video in minutes for entertaining & WT LOSS by Pachi

Hi! Welcome to Pachi the Colombian cook. Today I’m gonna show you two delicious corn salad. One is corn alone with some herbs and the other one is an amazing, amazing mixture of corn, black beans, and we’ll see in just a minute First thing we have to do is to get rid of the […]

How the Blended Burger Can Help Solve Our Emissions Crisis | Epicurious

To understand how something as small as a burger can have a huge environmental impact, it helps to think of cows as, well, hogs. Cows are land hogs taking up more space than every fruit, vegetable and other animal combined. They’re water hogs too, requiring three times as much water as chicken. And it gets […]

Cooking a chicken in a Watermelon! | Barry tries #19

Kitchen Crookery – 1

hello, today are making baked hake on a puree of toasted almonds red pepper and parmesan accompanied by spinach and a green bean rose wine risotto now before you begin, it’s very important to remember to wash your feet and drink plenty of alcohol first off we have a Basmati rice which has been soaking […]

Get cooking with your kids

I’m not going to eat it It’s definitely some type of green leaf It might be broccoli It’s not broccoli Margar… No. Yeah, margarita Curry sauce Red Pepper I hope they’re not spicy They are spicy Are they? Oh god Lemonade It’s flour, it’s flour Does flour normally have wholegrain bits in? Granola Porridge oats […]

Cook for Joy using Simply Organic, Intro to Cooking with Kyler

Kyler: My name is Kyler. Man: My favorite spice there, cumin. Kyler: I’ve been cooking with my daddy since I was two and a half. I love cooking together because we laugh a lot, learn about different ingredients. Oh my gosh, it smells so good. And it’s fun. I got it. Man: So, this is […]

The Best Brain Foods That Helps Increase Your Memory!

What are the best brain foods? In this video, I am going to give you my top ten favorite brain foods. Here we go. Hey, guys, Ron White. Maybe you saw me on the National Geographic show, Brain Games, or the History Channel show, Stan Lee’s Super Humans. I’m a two-time USA Memory Champion and, […]

Atlanta Healthy Food – Brack’s Kitchen

>>BRACK ROWE: Brack’s Kitchen is starting a movement where Atlanta healthy food means good food, where your gut informs and improves your brain, and where bold tastes fuel your day. Driven by the bounty of our Southern agricultural landscape, Brack’s Kitchen takes classic flavors and melds them into nutritious meals. Serving Atlanta healthy food means […]

HTK Broccoli Salad

Hi, I’m Becky with a healthy teaching kitchen at VA Portland and today we’re going to be making fresh broccoli salad four ingredients you will need 1 bunch of broccoli a half a cup of finely sliced red onion 1/2 2 minced garlic cloves 1 tablespoon of sesame oil 1/2 a cup of rice vinegar […]

Cooking with Marshmello: How To Make Avocado Fries

♩Music♩ Greeting loves, and welcome to cooking with Marshmello! Today we’ve got a special recipe for you all! And we’ll need our latest and greatest appliance. Why don’t you show what we’ve got Mello? And from the university of North Carolina! Standing at 66, number 23, the air fryer! The perfect device for today’s dish; […]