Explaining the German Health Care System – An Overview

in Germany there are two health insurance systems there's the geekify the public system and the paycock how the private system there are a few main differences first in the geekify of the public system everybody is accepted who applies regardless of health status regardless of income whereas in the pika file first you have […]

Status Quo Joe's Healthcare Hail Mary

our next clip is brought to you in partnership with Squarespace bring your stories to life online with Squarespace through a website blog or portfolio so easy I can even use it for 10% off head over to Squarespace comm slash tyt or use the promo code tyt question was asked whether we support eliminating […]

Does Better Education Mean Better Health?

education is associated with better health outcomes but trying to figure out whether it actually causes better health is tricky that's the topic of this week's healthcare triage people with at least some college education and mortality rates deaths per 1000 individuals per year less than half of those without any college education according to […]

What is Health Insurance, and Why Do You Need It?: Health Care Triage #2

hi I'm dr. Aaron Carroll and welcome back to healthcare triage we're going to be doing this show every week now so make sure you subscribe right down there in the first episode we talked a lot about Obamacare and how people without insurance we're going to try to start getting it but that led […]

Why This 2020 Candidate Sees Hot Yoga as a Health Care Solution | Opinions | NowThis

The Health System of Taiwan: HCT Healthcare of Many Nations

it's been a while since we've added an episode to our playlist of international healthcare systems let's do another Taiwan is proof that a country can make a swift and huge changed its healthcare system even in the modern day it's also the topic of this week's healthcare triage the united states in part because […]

Don’t Mention Health Insurance to Millennials – Jaboukie Young-White

I've been traveling a lot for comedy recently which has also been pretty dope but it's kind of weird at the same time cuz I've noticed that like my race just changes from city to city like when I'm in Chicago people just think that I'm half black half white when I'm in New York […]

What does the future of medicine hold? – Health Divide Pt 4 | 7.30