Nursing Administration featuring Deb Baker / We Got This

Empathy, critical thinking, advocacy, resilience I think are the things that I think of nurses have to be. I am in charge of nursing and nursing practice. It’s an incredibly meaningful position and I think that at the end of the day I always know that I can I can help someone. I have the […]

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Health Justice with Tim Faust │ Means TV

among so-called developed countries it is America that is the most dangerous place to be sick the most dangerous place to be pregnant the most dangerous place to be gay the most dangerous place to be old and one of the most dangerous places to be disabled that's why people all across the country are […]

Is this the future of health care?

I'm Steph I'm an advanced care paramedic community care paramedic with the county of Renfrew and I travel around and do home visits with people who are having trouble getting to their doctors or have no doctors and we try to keep the community safe and out of the hospital as much as possible right […]

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Kelsey Cook – Homemade Sex Toy – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored – Exclusive

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Health Care is a Mess… But Why?

this is Susan she and her husband both work full-time to support their three children but even with their dual income they're finding it more and more difficult to afford health insurance how could one visit be this expensive wait until you see how much your husband's resuscitation is going to cost incidences like this […]