How to Make Macaroni Salad — Hawaiian Style – with CookingAndCrafting

Hey kids! Today we are making macaroni salad. A couple of people have asked for a Hawaiian style macaroni salad and there are as many ways to make macaroni salad as there are ways to make chili. So all of it is pretty much dependent on your tastes, as well as where it is that […]

Catch n’ Cook Big NASTY Moray EEL!

What is going on, guys? So here is the scoop– I came out to this beautiful spot to fish a couple days ago. Just doing a little simple reef fishing. Just a beautiful, beautiful area. And I started catching a bunch of little reef fish called Wrasse. And while I was fishing, I saw this […]

Kids Try Hawaiian Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

♫ I’ve been staring at the edge of the water ♫ Long as I can remember ♫ Never really knowing why Woop! (lively music) – So good. – So good. – Yes (mumbles). (boys scream) – [Smaller Boy] I see you peaking. – Blop. – Blop. – How does it not turn into yoke? How […]

Hawaii Regional Cuisine with Chef Alan Wong

I think of red as fire fire to me is about a passion a desire my name is Ellen Wong I'm the chef/owner of Alan Wong's restaurants the biggest award that we received was being recognized as number eight in America by Gourmet magazine one of my goal is to give our guests what I […]

Kids Try Hawaiian Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

工作人员 : 你们好吗黄衣男孩 : 很好白衣男孩 :很好 工作人员 : 你喜欢和朋友一起试吃吗?男孩: 喜欢! 好 准备好了吗 闭上眼睛! 你在偷看 为什么它变不成硬的蛋黄 为什么它不像我早上吃的蛋会流下来 (女孩) : 往这边 这边 流下去~ (男孩) : 哦~ 好主意~ 如果我也那样弄了 我是不是必须把它吃完 保证好吃? 这真的不错 我推荐你试一试 我催眠你 试吃一口吧 我在试着 就快试吃一口嘛! 这是什么? 工作人员: 它叫 Loco Moco女孩 : 什么? 工作人员 : Loco Moco女孩 : 哦~ 我以为你说hoco moco 工作人员 : 你觉得它来自什么国家男孩 : 日本? 工作人员 […]

Brad Goes on a Hawaiian Food Tour | It's Alive: Goin' Places | Bon Appétit

well it shows that you've got a Strutter for me big hey guys today hey guys saying going places for our final episode in Hawaii we're going to be doing some local picks you know recommendations that we picked up from friends along the way down there in Hawaii one of them being out in […]

Catch n' Cook Hawaiian Crabs (GoPro in Crab Trap!)

Catch n' Cook Big NASTY Moray EEL!

what is going on guys so here is the scoop I came out to this beautiful spot to fish couple days ago just doing a little simple reef fish in just a beautiful beautiful area and I started catching a bunch of little reef fish called wrasse and while I was fishing I saw this […]

Hokkaido Japanese MILK BREAD Recipe – fluffiest loaf & stays fresh longer?! – Tangzhong Method

greetings my beautiful lovelies its Emmy welcome back today's video is sponsored by trade a company that is dedicated to transforming coffee drinkers into coffee lovers they have this great little nifty questionnaire that you fill out to connect you with a coffee that suits your taste I think it's a brilliant idea if you're […]

Catch n' Cook Hawaiian OCTOPUS!

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] like a good place to pick we're gonna try this spot first so I want to show you guys something here this is my loggers backpack that I have and then look how I have this little fishing rod hooked up on the side here this is an ugly stick GX […]