[ENG] 짜파게티 맛있게 끓이는 방법, 양파게티. Black Ramen – jjapagetti. simple cooking 내가 아는 요리 #08

onion, pork belly, oyster sauce, jjapagetti Chop the onions. Boil the noodles. Place the noodles aside. (※ Do not throw away the boiling water for future use. ) Grease a pan with cooking oil and stir-fry the meat first. I used it because I had frozen pork belly in my house. I love meat. Add […]

Fleet Week San Francisco 2016 Blue Angels at Baker Beach

hey everybody we are at baker beach it’s a beautiful day in san francisco it is fleet week and we decided to take advantage of this beautiful weather about 80 degrees and perfection it’ll probably be a short vlog just going to chill out at the beach and i’ll see you guys later bye for […]


Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon and today we’re making a baby shower cake a big pregnant belly and when you cut into the cake it will reveal to your friends and family whether you’re having a boy or a girl. What a beautiful, fun way to announce the gender of your […]

Top ingredients used in Thai Cuisine – Wise Kwai Dubai

Hi, my name is Nairuz from Nairuz Reviews, and I love discovering new restaurants in and around Dubai, and today we’re here at Wise Kwai Wise Kwai invited me to their kitchen today to learn all about the authentic ingredients to make delicious Thai food What an amazing experience it has been I love Thai […]

Ellen Welcomes Back Inspiring Principal Akbar Cook

Well, you look very, very sharp. Oh, man. You look good. Well, thank you, Ellen. I’m trying to be like you when I grow up. So what’s the reaction at school since you were here? Well, when I got back, Ellen, it was like it was a Super Bowl parade waiting on me. And there […]

KitKat Surprise Inside Cake | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

We’re about to surprise a subscriber with a $1,000 cake and she has no idea that we’re coming to her house! Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann Reardon and this is of course Dave Reardon … my lovely husband 💪 You guys know him. Now one of the things you’ve been asking for […]

RE-MENT collection 5 – Kitchen Utensils (Food replicas) ASMR

Series#41 – Melt in your mouth! #50 – Happy Kitchen Series#41 – Melt in your mouth! 1. hanbāgu steak 2. fish boiled in soy sauce 3. chirashi sushi 4. milk jelly 5. pork/egg boiled in soy sauce 6. at grandmother’s house in summer 7. pork stir fry with ginger 8. gratin 9. tempura soba 10. […]

Gingers making pancakes

(snorting) (energetic electronic music) – The batter’s all lumpy we made, so we’re gonna have batter with lumps in it. – This looks like a child’s sick. – Let’s spread it around. Wait, you need like a spatula. Don’t use a metal fork. (laughing) That’s more like it, just let it sizzle for a while. […]

10+ EASY Matcha Green Tea Desserts Recipes Can’t Ignore | Create Happy Tasty Cakes

10+ EASY Matcha Green Tea Desserts Recipes Can’t Ignore | Create Happy Tasty Cakes Thank you for watching! Hope you enjoy & like it!

A Just-Right Kitchen With Vintage Style

(upbeat guitar music) – The kitchen when we moved in was horrible, it had really old cabinets, rust colored walls so it was really dark. – Our last kitchen, I did most of the work myself and it took about a year. – [Ronna] You wouldn’t know where to put the stuff next to the […]