Gingers making pancakes

(snorting) (energetic electronic music) – The batter’s all lumpy we made, so we’re gonna have batter with lumps in it. – This looks like a child’s sick. – Let’s spread it around. Wait, you need like a spatula. Don’t use a metal fork. (laughing) That’s more like it, just let it sizzle for a while. […]

10+ EASY Matcha Green Tea Desserts Recipes Can’t Ignore | Create Happy Tasty Cakes

10+ EASY Matcha Green Tea Desserts Recipes Can’t Ignore | Create Happy Tasty Cakes Thank you for watching! Hope you enjoy & like it!

A Just-Right Kitchen With Vintage Style

(upbeat guitar music) – The kitchen when we moved in was horrible, it had really old cabinets, rust colored walls so it was really dark. – Our last kitchen, I did most of the work myself and it took about a year. – [Ronna] You wouldn’t know where to put the stuff next to the […]

See a Stylish, Wheelchair-Friendly Kitchen for an Avid Baker

(tranquil music) – It’s not something that you take in very easily. Overnight you go from able bodied, capable of doing most things, getting on with your life, to lying on a bed. Unable to do a lot. (clock ticking) I had a bit of a headache, decided to go out for a jog to […]

My Houzz: Gordon Ramsay’s Surprise Renovation

What does home mean for me? It’s the most important place of our lives. It’s where I can properly relax. Chefs don’t spend that much time at home. So when we are at home, we want to relax, enjoy and unwind. I’m Gordon Ramsay, and this is My Houzz. Christina Wilson is one of the […]

GUMMY vs. REAL FOOD! ft Princess Gorgeous

you gonna win your trailer what it is would it be what it do doe today what are we gonna do gummy challenge in real food otherwise known as gummy versus real food you just really like the one I did with Andrew and the whale it was like I wanna do it right so […]

Are Raisins Healthy? Here's What Experts Say – Nutrition Food Series


what's up YouTube and kray-kray gang it's boy that's creating a better man coming at you and lovely videos always too damn financial guys what other baby arena with his man today guys I am at McDonald's right now and guess what I'm gonna be doing I'm gonna be Potter in the Toy Story for […]

Shoppies Order Happy Meals In McDonalds Drive Thru – Beanie Boo's Toys

cookies world hey are you getting hungry at all oh yes I'm very very very hungry hmm where should we eat oh oh there's a McDonald's over there you want that God's sure the drive-through is this way what should we order what should we order chelsea cheeseburgers said that the cheeseburgers are really really […]