MY DRUNK KITCHEN: Nutella Popcorn!

– Ready? (screams) Sorry, Ollie. Boop boop! (jazzy piano music) Eye contact. Fri-ta-tas? Just kidding. Hey guys! This week on My Drunk Kitchen, we have a very special recipe. Why is it so special, Hannah? Well, other Hannah that was standing there– I’m always standing here. That’s enough out of you over there, Hannah. I […]

Hannah Baker – Teen Idle [13 Reasons Why]

Hey, it’s Hannah. Hannah Baker. Live and in stereo [Playing: Teen Idle – Marina & The Diamonds] AAAAAAAh I can’t watch It’s too painful. H. BAKER Born 2000 Died 2017 Age 17 Thanks for watching


Bush Hola soy Hannah, Hannah Baker ponte cómodo porque estoy a punto de contarte la historia de mi vida esta es la primera frase que escuchan las 13 personas del instituto Liberty al darle play a la primera cinta que han recibido dentro de una misteriosa caja 13 Reason Why o por trece razones es […]

My Drunk Kitchen ft. Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart: No Quitter Fritters

(women singing) (bottles clink) – Boo boop! – Oh, yes! – Operation Great Idea in action. – Hey, guys, New Year’s just happened, and what. What are you doing? – Yo guys, what up? – Oh, my God. – You guys might be wondering why we’re wearing these hats. Well, it’s because we gotta keep […]

My Drunk Kitchen ft. Sarah Silverman: Veggie Pot Pie!

– [Hannah] Are you ready? Three, two, fun. – [Sarah and Hannah] Hello! – Nailed it! Yes! Exceptional! I don’t even think we need to shoot now. (popping sound) (upbeat music) Flawless. (upbeat music) – I spent this entire morning watching soldiers coming home to their dogs. – Oh my God, I watched it. It’s […]

My Drunk Kitchen ft. Thomas Sanders: Tasty Chocolate Balls!

Thomas:Boo-Boop. Hannah:Why are you so quiet? This is your only chance to do a boo-boop [t: ohhh] h: I boo-boop all day long. I boo-booped twice today. t:That’s impressive [laughing] Alright ready? That’s a lot of Stamina. Okay this went somewhere. Boo – Boop. Ooo. A stero boo-boop. Hello Thomas I really appreciate that this […]


(cork pops) – Boo-boo! (upbeat jazz) Hello! Oh no, somebody already was here before. Hey, guys… cheers! Get it? It’s a toast. C’mon, guys, it’s been four years. Four years of hellos and no goodbyes. This week on My Drunk Kitchen ♫ we’re making burrata and bruschetta! ♫ Welcome to My Drunk Romantic Kitchen. Love […]


– Guys, you know what I was just thinking? If I ever do a My Drunk Kitchen where I make a gelatinous snack, I would call it “Jell-O”! (bottle hisses) Do-do, boop boop. That spat on me. I find this part to be quite stirring. I don’t want no dried banana! (savory noise) (coughs and […]

MY “DRUNK” KITCHEN: HANDY BBQ SAUCE (ft. Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart!)

– Hey guys, this week we’re not doing a My Drunk Kitchen because I’m going to go… badada (laughs) Hey guys! Hey guys, so this week we’re not doing My Drunk Kitchen because I’m trying to save my liver and save my body, because in two weeks I’m going on tour with these guys! Hey! […]

My Drunk Kitchen, Ep. 7: Let’s Taco Bout It

(speaks Spanish) – Baby. (pops) (quirky jazz music) We’re doing it in different languages, now. (trills) (speaks Spanish) Real time peeling. (speaks Spanish) (claps) Yeah! Okay! (speaks Spanish) Do you remember that movie Selena? That movie made me cry! You know, I find myself, when drinking, in a constant state of desiring Mexican food. But […]