Haitian Cottage Pie – Latin Soul Halal Cuisine

~ Music ~ Hi and Assalaamu `Alayakum everyone. I’m Sandra from URBAN HIJAB Welcome to Latin Soul Halal Cuisine, where I celebrate the flavors of the Caribbean, Latin, plus Anglo-America and all the while keeping it halal. Today I’m making Haitian Cottage Pie. Haitian Cottage Pie is a cultural and gastronomic medley of meat, vegetables, […]

Jamaica vs Haiti : Dessert

who's mad cause Vanilla Fudge and it's always coming something like this like they trying to show you so but it's always always always good hi tribe welcome back I'm Mel and this is Rick and we're here with another installment but this time Jamaica versus Haiti desserts so I know in the past we […]

Miami’s Favorite Haitian Restaurant Started Accidentally from a Health Food Cart — Dining on a Dime

– Everybody, welcome! We are in Little Haiti, whichis a neighborhood in Miami. Where we're going to rightnow is one of the best Haitian restaurants in the entire city. It's called Naomi's Garden. It opened originally asa catering company owned by an Israeli family, buthas since become a really indispensable part of LittleHaiti and Haitian […]