Irish People Try Stereotypical Irish Foods

Cabbage is coming back in though. It is like new fashionable food isn’t it? They’re calling it Kale. Oh yeah, yea, people are wearing it! You see these ladys going around Grafton Street with cabbage suit jackets. When leprechauns get stoned and they crave a bit of food, they eat lucky charms. It’s pretty good, […]

Americans Try Bizarre European Food

– And, what? No, I’m not gonna eat this! (man laughs) – [Man] That turned so fast. – [Woman] No! God, no! (man sighs) – [Woman] Snails! – Nice – [Voiceover] Escargot is an appetizer of land snails traditionally prepared in garlic butter. – Look at this little turd of thing. – Ew! – This […]

Top 10 Foods Banned In America

facts verse presents 10 foods surprisingly banned in America number 1 Mirabelle plums Mirabelle plums are first on the list of ten surprising foods that are banned in the USA these are small sweet and yellow plums that originated from Lorraine in France they are tasty on their own but can be incorporated into many […]

Eating Scottish Food and Scottish Cuisine in Edinburgh, Scotland

Background music playing. It’s our first meal in Scotland, so we’ve decided to go with something very typical. We’re going to be eating the National dish, which is Haggis. So let’s go into Whisky Room. So today’s meal is all about Haggis. We are starting with Haggis spring rolls. So let’s see what those are […]

Celtopunk Cookery – How to Make Haggis

so tonight we're making the haggis for the burn supper we've got barnacle Brian over here he's toasting the oats we've got as you can see the organ meats boiling away we've got the lungs and they're actually boiled them with the windpipe sticking out so that you get rid of the phlegm so it's […]

Offworld Cookery – Mel Gibson

announcement the following episode of offworld cookery features a guest appearance by the beaver from actual Mel Gibson film the beaver voiced by actual Mel Gibson enjoy you fucking glum cut glum cunt I'm Mel Gibson from Mad Max I'm Mel Gibson from lethal weapon I'm Mel Gibson from Braveheart and today enough world cookery […]

Irish People Try Stereotypical Irish Foods

Kohl ist aber wieder im Kommen. Es ist wie ein neues hippes Essen, oder? Sie nennen es Grünkohl. Oh ja, ja, Leute tragen es! Man kann diese Frauen mit Kohlanzugjacken in der Grafton Straße rumlaufen sehen. Wenn Kobolde kiffen und sie ein Bedürfnis nach Essen kriegen, dann essen sie "Lucky Charms" Das ist ziemlich gut, […]

Top 10 Foods Banned In America

الوقائع الآية تقدم 10 أطعمة محظور بشكل مثير للدهشة في أمريكا رقم 1 ميرابل البرقوق ميرابل البرقوق الأول في قائمة العشرة المدهشة الأطعمة المحظورة في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية هذه هي الخوخ الصغيرة الحلوة والأصفر التي نشأت من لورين في فرنسا أنهم لذيذة من تلقاء نفسها ولكن يمكن أن تكون أدرجت في العديد من الأطباق الرئيسية […]