How to do a backflip ft. Chen Yile | Olympians’ Tips

My name is Chen Yile, 2018 Asian Games gymnastics champion. I am going to explain how to do a backflip. It’s one of the easiest moves in gymnastics, and it’s a move we have to learn when we start training. Let me explain it. First, stand with your feet close together, then lift up your […]

designing the nursery | the east family

(upbeat music playing) (laughter) – I love you! – Every nurse said this is the pacifier you should use. I called it a binky. – Binky? – What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to our channel. I’m Shawn. – And I’m Andrew. – And we are – The East fam. What up?! – Today is really […]

Kitchen Counter Daredevil | Whitney Bjerken Kitchen Gymnastics

Hi, I’m Whitney and welcome to kitchen gymnastics! [music] Today we’re going to be working on jumping. Let’s get started! A good thing to do before you leg condition, is to have a nice warm up. So let’s start jogging. [foot steps] [fast foot steps] That was a nice quick warm up. Now it’s time […]

Egg KickMuffins | Whitney’s Kitchen Gymnastics

Hi! And welcome to another episode of Kitchen Gymnastics! Today, we are going to be making egg kickmuffins and be working on our kicks. Sometimes you need a quick breakfast, and who’s got time for a gourmet one? And fast food, it’s just fast food. So that’s why today we’re making egg kickmuffins. I’ll show […]

Kitchen Gymnastics | Whitney Bjerken

– I’m gonna try and do a push-up. (laughs) That was a fail. I was trying to spin around. Let’s try again. – Daddy. – There’s, wait. There’s my foot. Here’s my other foot. (laughs) Bye. Watch this. (laughs) – Good evening. – There’s, wait. – Good evening. – There’s my foot. Here’s my other […]


Hey Oh make sure you guys get your tickets to come meet us at dobre and also don't forget to get your merch at hey we are here and we are back with another exciting video if you don't know already this is Romeo I'm Darius I'm Cyrus I'm Marcus and I'm Lucas and […]

Kitchen Gymnastics | Whitney Bjerken


yo you can't drink it yet bro that's not part of the rules unless you want to lose this game today we're about a Spitfire well you know what that means guy gets it out of there today we're gonna eat the most hot food in the world without drinking any water spicy well you […]