FUNNY SCHOOL SUPPLY DIYS || How to Sneak Gummy Food in Class with 123 GO! GOLD!

oh I can’t see what I’m doing perfect this hair clip will do let me just pull my hair back and clip it right in there no oh major clip fail oh man seriously this just isn’t my day is it ooh sorry girl that’s a bummer if you ever have a classroom clip conundrum […]


♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we have a viral challenge for you that has been heavily requested by our subscribers. – All right. Challenges are good. – (FBE) You will be playing the Real Versus Gummy Challenge. – The what? – I’ve never heard of this challenge, but I’m into it. – […]

Gummy vs Real Food Showdown

– Today we try our hardest to pick the gummy. – Let’s talk about that. (groovy theme music) Good mythical summer. – I love gummy bears, but I hate regular bears, they’re too gamey, and they might eat you before you can eat them. But today, we’re going to try other gummy foods, and see […]

Gummy Food vs Real Food Challenge – Merrell Twins

I don’t want any more gummies! Mm, mm, mm, mm! [Coughs] Why would you do this to a gummy? Hey guys! I’m Veronica! I’m Vanessa! And today we are doing the Gummy vs. Real Food Challenge! This was a very highly requested challenge from you guys and we’ve been putting it off, and now we’re […]

Making FOOD out of CANDY! Candy vs Food Challenge ft. Wengie

Chloe: Hey guys! C: It’s Chloe! Wengie: And me geinia C: I thought of this video concept of us turning candy into food. W: What? I don’t even know like… what this is. *Chloe laughs* C: We’re going to find out! So we are here, we have the ingredients. [Oooh!] C: We’re going to try […]

GUMMY FOOD vs REAL FOOD!! – Gross Edition

dah dah no no AWESOME~gummy food vs. real food you asked for it and we give it to you now gummy food vs. real food part 2 it is a volume 3 this one guys Gummy Food VS Real food Thank you to Vat19. You hooked it up You gave us a box of gummies […]


oh we got pizza mmm it smells so good let’s open it up gummy pizza whoa and check this out we got gummy hotdogs and gummy hamburgers too oh yeah Sharer’ss you won’t believe what I got for dessert! What is going on Sharer’s welcome to the blog welcome to another awesome day now yes […]

GUMMY FOOD vs REAL FOOD! – Pizza Edition

That’s Disgusting! Smells terrible. Pizza Pizza Pizza, Pizza Pizza Pizza! *Drums hand on table* You guys asked for this so here it is. Welcome to the gummy food vs real food pizza making edition. Okay, here are the rules. There are two containers that are going to be placed before our eyes. We are going […]

GUMMY FOOD vs REAL FOOD w/ Rebecca Zamolo, Matt Slays & Chad Wild Clay

Hi, guys welcome back to my video today. We’re gonna have a very special video for you, because I have a ton of special guests this is when you guys pop up whooooooooooooooooo Just like sweating waiting. They were like actually under my desk the whole entire time We are going to do of gummy […]

REAL FOOD VS GUMMY FOOD!! *Eating GROSS GIANT Candy Challenge* – Best Gross Real Worm Candy

Two plates of real spiders or one plate of a gummy spider You don’t need tohhbkigv Hello guys, Welcome Back. To – another challenge video You guys love it when we do real food versus gummy food challenges so today with my with another one but today we’re doing a triple real food race is […]