Top 4 SG & Les Paul Riffs | Robert Baker | Tutorial | Lesson

Robert Baker – Top 4 Iconic Riffs on Gibson Les Paul and SG

3 Easy Chip Dips – You Suck at Cooking (episode 86)

Do you remember, A time when eating chips was pure? When chips and dip were two of the top five things in life, and eating them could make you lose your goddamn mind? When eating chips and dip didn’t come with an Archimedean calculation of whether or not you could afford the calories? It was […]

How to Replace a Kitchen Sink | This Old House

all right well if we're going to replace the sink there's a couple choices nowadays one is an under counter mount sink and that thing would sit underneath the counter and it would require a nice clean edge on the countertop now this is laminate here if I was to pull this sink out we […]

Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello – Señorita (Acoustic Cover)

I love it when you come me sing my second pretend I didn't touch it's true oh oh you keep me coming for you land in Miami the air was hot from summer is what you've been off me before I even love tequila sunrise you keep coming forward there's just some things that never […]


I never made it love you I think I'll have to be longer find another reason to be we I'm not the only one Oh I wanna see you more Mission Control do you read me me my control

Chet Baker LIVE Blue in Green [HD]