How to Cut Tomatoes Like a Ninja – Cooking Hack

Today I’m going to show you a quick and simple way to cut cherry tomatoes If you’re doing them one at a time with a knife, it can take a long time, sometimes the juice squirts out, and you’ve got to be careful not to cut your fingers. so here’s a fun tip to make […]

Japanese Inn & Kaiseki Cuisine: The Ryokan Stay Experience

ONLY in JAPAN The traditional Japanese inn “Ryokan” is more than just a place to stay You can lounge around in cotton Kimonos called “Yukata” or soak in mineral baths until you feel 10 years younger Each Ryokan room and meal is different offering a real only in Japan experience It’s a place where you […]

Homemade Beauty Treatments From Your Kitchen: Celebeauty S01E5/8

Hi guys and welcome back to my series of celeb beauty on Videojug. Today I’m going to be showing you how to make beauty products from things that you could find around the kitchen. So, I have my amazing model Annabelle with us today. She is kindly going to be our model. So I’m going […]

Cooking Tips : How to Cut Beef Against Grain

To slice meat against the grain, first start off with your steak. Lie it horizontally on the board and find out which way the grain lies. Usually on meat, you’ll find wherever the muscle fibers are going, that?s where the grain is. On this particular meat, the muscle grains are going this way. I’ve already […]

TOP 5 snacks de Lijiang, YUNNAN 🍲 Chine | Cuisine chinoise

Bonjour, aujourd’hui nous aimerions vous faire goûter quelques spécialités de Lijiang. Cette ville est située en Chine, dans la région du Yunnan, à 200 km du Tibet. Classée au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO, la vieille ville vous permet de revivre la Chine d’autrefois en vous promenant dans ses ruelles pavées et bordées de maisons typiques […]

THE BEST Recipes GUIDE in Breath of the Wild – Best Dishes Cooked| Austin John Plays

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up world Austin John plays here and today I’m going to be showing you guys how to cook the best recipes for food and legend zelda breath of the wild I’m not going to be talking about the bad foods or going over roasting food that’s just throwing […]

Cooking Tips : How to Stuff Calamari

To stuff squid, start with one of the squid tubes. You’re gonna open it up and it should be clean. You can usually buy these already clean from the fishmonger. Next, when you open it up you’ll see that there’s a hollow tube in which you can use for stuffing. Take your stuffing, whatever it […]

TOP 5 de la cuisine de Lijiang, YUNNAN 🍲 Chine | Cuisine Chinoise

Bonjour, aujourd’hui nous sommes au Parc de l’étang du Dragon Noir à Lijiang, l’un des endroits les plus visités de la Chine du sud-ouest. En effet, plus de 8 millions de visiteurs se rendent ici chaque année pour découvrir le fabuleux paysage qui se trouve derrière moi mais aussi pour goûter à la cuisine du […]

NEW Barbie Baker and Pizza Chef Playset Toy UNBOXING + Mini Pizza Recipe!

Hey, guys it’s Ro i’m hanging out with my dog cookie and this video is a dream come true i’ve always wanted to work with barbie and today it is happening A big thank you to barbie for sponsoring and helping me create This, video they sent me both of these sets to unbox so […]


Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Lately, I’ve been playing a lot of Cooking Mama 4 on my Nintendo 3DS. And, I love this game! And I’m so excited because Cooking Mama 5 – Bon Appetite, is coming out. So I thought, in honor of the game coming out, let’s make a […]