How to Make Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie is a hearty casserole of cooked ground meat, and vegetables. Topped with a fluffy layer of mashed potatoes. A Great Britain comfort food, this one dish meal it easy to prepare from ingredients you have on hand. Step One: Make mashed potatoes. Peel and cut up several potatoes. Boil them for about 20 […]

Cooking Tips : How to Roll Sushi

To make a sushi roll first you need to start off with some ingredients. You want to make sure that you have your seaweed, your filling, your rice, a bowl of water, and a towel ready to go. And you should also have a bamboo roller covered in plastic wrap. The plastic wrap will help […]

Browning Ground Beef

We’re going to talk about ground beef or hamburger. The USDA says a product labeled hamburger can have no more than 30 percent fat and that’s the number you want to pay attention to when you’re buying ground beef. I purchased two separate varieties of ground beef and I pre-cooked one and then put it […]

Recette Chebakia Facile et Rapide Cuisine Marocaine Ramadan 2019

Hello Chebakia Cake Recipe 500g wheat flour 100g ground sesame seeds 50g ground almonds 1spoon anise Half spoon arabic gum blender with sugar cinnamon baker’s yeast 4g baking powder salt 100ml mixture of hazelnut butter and sunflower oil 100ml of orange blossom water in which I put some saffron pesti 1 spoon vinegar Warm water […]

Cooking Tips : How to Deep Fry Chicken

To deep fry your chicken, first start off with a few things. You want to make sure that your chicken is completely thawed. Also, you want to make sure that your three step breading process is ready to go. The other thing you want to make sure you have ready is your oil. Your oil […]

Cooking Tips : How to Pick Rosemary

To select rosemary find a stem that’s got some really nice green leaves to it. The leaves should be firmly attached to the stem and there should be no brown or black spots on the leaves. Rosemary’s got a very fragrant smell to it. However sometimes the leaves can tend to be a little bit […]

Cooking Tips : How to Cut Beef Against Grain

To slice meat against the grain, first start off with your steak. Lie it horizontally on the board and find out which way the grain lies. Usually on meat, you’ll find wherever the muscle fibers are going, that?s where the grain is. On this particular meat, the muscle grains are going this way. I’ve already […]

Cooking Tips : How to Stuff Calamari

To stuff squid, start with one of the squid tubes. You’re gonna open it up and it should be clean. You can usually buy these already clean from the fishmonger. Next, when you open it up you’ll see that there’s a hollow tube in which you can use for stuffing. Take your stuffing, whatever it […]

Cooking Tips : How to Reconstitute Dried Mushrooms

To reconstitute mushrooms start with a small pot of boiling water. Next take your dried mushrooms and place them in the boiling water for two to five minutes or you can place them into warm water for 30 minutes. Dehydrated mushrooms will last in your pantry for about six to twelve months. Once they’re reconstituted […]

Cooking Tips : How to Make Roux

To make a roux, you're going to want to startwith equal parts of butter and flour. I've got two tablespoons of butter here, and I'mgoing to add two tablespoons of flour to my hot pan. Next, take your whisk, and whiskit together, and allow it to come to a boil. The boil will allow the […]