National Fish & Chip Awards 2016

Winning an award at the National Fish and Chip Awards can gather national attention.>>This chip shop in Brae in the Shetland Islands has been crowned the best independent takeaway for fish and chips. This year the finalists in the flagship Independent Takeaway Fish and Chip Shop Award category will be hoping to enjoy the same […]

Governor Baker: “Addiction Is Not A Choice, Addiction Is A Disease”

Today, I am surrounded by people in recovery. Good people, good citizens, battling a devastating illness. Our administration is stepping forward to share their message. A message we hope will become contagious and encourage others to step out of the shadows. Today the campaign begins to stomp out the stigma of addiction. We are urging […]

Governor Baker, Lt. Governor Polito – Inaugural Address 2019 Highlights

Admit His Excellency, the governor at the Commonwealth Charlie Baker We’ve led the nation on our efforts to tackle an opioid crisis that has terrorized too many families across this Commonwealth and this nation. We must continue to modernize our aging transportation infrastructure finding innovative approaches to increase mobility and connecting more people to places […]

Health Committee Meeting – 7/15/2019

if appreciate bringing us all together today tough let's do the best work we can keep our nation strong Lord we try to serve you the best we can and we know it's hard it's like it's over the nation's very hard to keep things straight but we all care about the nation or we […]

“Nope:” Bernie Sanders Refuses To Even Consider Not Eliminating All Private Health Insurance Plans

Healthcare: is it a right or a luxury? | Tarik Sammour | TEDxAdelaide

I'm here today to ask you all to ask yourselves is healthcare a right or a luxury it's a vitally important question but before you respond allow me to challenge you a little I'll start with a story in 2015 I was offered an opportunity to spend a year training in one of the world's […]

The growing burden of chronic disease – Health Special Pt 1 | 7.30

All 10 Candidates Support Giving Government Run Health Care To Illegal Immigrants

raise your hand if covered if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants you

Bernie On Government-Run Health Care Plan: “You Don’t Have The Taxes Unless You Have The Program”

the people of any other nation are furthered for a lot of Democrats the question is how you get there and there's in it it is true you tell me you're going to raise your taxes support goes down you tell people they can have out private health insurance support goes down and that's led […]