Well, I didn’t forget our anniversary either honey Look, I got us a nice dinner. Well thanks, I’ve always liked spam. I remember on our first date we had spam Yeah That is just so romantic! I think I heard Elizabethany Oh hey! Hey! I just got back from getting a racoon out of my […]

Thomas Cook declares bankruptcy

-Despite huge efforts over a number of months and further intense negotiations in recent days, we have not been able to secure a deal to save our business. -Come to the airport, literally just walked through the doors, and we got handed this leaflet saying that we haven’t got a flight and we haven’t got […]

Jamie Oliver and the baker

Puglia is famous for being Italy’s veg garden and bread basket. It’s also one of poorest regions as well. City of Bread. Citta del Pane Could you imagine going to Birmingham and saying City of Curry. They’re so proud of food they name a bloody city after it. I’m going to be living with Bepe, […]

Potato Bombs recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

sausage I got a lotta cute shoes on go down to the house a sausage a gamma bomb me a fraud and a red hot dog welcome to barbecue pit boys calm today we’re cooking up our potato bombs on the grill and they’re real easy to do all right what I have there’s some […]

Mystery Wheel of Food Challenge! *SLIME CAKE* Learn How To Make DIY Sour Switch Up Oobleck Food

– It’s a slime cake! – Aaahhh! – And you– – Oh! (glass shattering) – Oh no! – Why? – You killed the mystery wheel of slime challenge. – Dude, we were gonna eat that. – What’s wrong with the cake? – Why? – Oh no. Well, luckily we’ve got some mystery wheels so right […]

Game of Thrones Food Taste Test

– Today, we dine like the King of the North. – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat synthesizer music) – Good Mythical Morning! – And valar morghulis, which is of course, Valyrian for ‘all men must die’, which is not exactly the uplifting message I was looking to start today’s show with, but when it comes […]

JBD Jerome Baker “Bakerbots” Collection Overview

Hey what’s up everybody it’s Logan with Myxed Up. Today we are talking about the Jerome Baker Bakerbots. For anyone who doesn’t know who Jerome Baker is it’s actually an alias used by Jason Harris. Jason Harris is the man. He was actually taught by Bob Snodgrass in the early 90’s, and in 1995 he […]

Anita Baker – You Belong To Me + Lyrics

you don’t have to prove to me you’re beautiful to strangers I’ve got lovin’ eyes of my own, of my own, you belong to me why’d you tell me this were you looking for my reaction what do you need to know don’t you know I’ll always be your girl you do not have to […]

Theo Baker tries Blind Cricket – Metro Blind Sport

I’m Thea Baker I’m a footballing YouTuber we’re here at North London Cricket Club to have a go at blind cricket ahead of the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup I’m gonna be honest I know little to none about blind cricket I’ve just seen the ball and it’s about this big and it rattles, so […]