Hi! You’re in LadyBug Kitchen. And today we’re going to make BACON and CORN CHOWDER We need to dice 2 medium-size onion dice 2 celery stalks, leaves removed. cut 1 medium-size potato into cubes. Keep your cut potato in a bowl of cold water to prevent it from turning brown Remove kernel corn from its […]

Top 10 MasterChef Season 9 WORST DISHES

Oh master chefs back on all quickly master chef is the Holy Grail for all home cooks imagine being in this gigantic la warehouse where all the magic and drama take place now if you fancied yourself donning an apron at a professional cooking station with a well-stocked pantry and freezer this show tops Pat […]

James Corden Joins Gordon Ramsay In The Kitchen | Season 1 Ep. 2 | THE F WORD

Right, I’m here with “The Late Late Show” host and triple threat performer, James Corden. Now, we know he can dance, sing, and act. But what I want to know is, can this man cook? Yes. Yes, I can. And what are you cooking? We’re cooking a chicken Thai noodle broth. So I’ve got the […]

Top 10 MasterChef Season 5 WORST DISHES

It’s blood, sweat, and literal tears IN THE KITCHEN! Ready to find out which ones made it to season 5’s top 10 Masterchef worst dishes? Blueberry Pie with Pecan Episode 3 of season 5 begins in the Mojave desert. The task was to prep a meal in two hours for 500 army soldiers. The Blue […]

Gordon Ramsay’s Top 10 Famous Dishes

Most people who know Gordon Ramsay, know him as the angry chef who yells at people, swears a lot and is never happy with anything. But Gordon Ramsay is actually a really friendly guy with a real passion for food. All he wants to do is teach people how to make better food on their […]

Top 10 MasterChef Season 4 WORST DISHES!

If you’re looking for the same brand of spectacle that all Masterchef fans crave for, you certainly won’t be disappointed. Let’s get started on the Top 10 Masterchef Worst Dishes of Season 4. Sasha’s Langoustine When the judges thin out the herd, only the strongest survive! Episode 4 is the first show right after the […]

Top 10 MasterChef Season 8 WORST DISHES!

we’re gonna be brutally honest to make them better think of a reality TV cooking show and you think you guessed it MasterChef thanks to chef Gordon Ramsay satirical wit the catty comments from competitors the oh so delicious gourmet dishes and of course the drama what makes master chefs such a coveted title isn’t […]


Top 10 MasterChef Season 3 WORST DISHES!

Be prepared to cringe because we’re serving up the top ten worst dishes of MasterChef season three! Horsin’ Around First impressions are everything when it comes to meeting people and especially important when it comes to an interview! There are people that will practice days or weeks before to make sure they don’t mess up […]

Gordon Ramsay Hunts For Lionfish To Cook | Season 1 Ep. 4 | THE F WORD

[music playing] GORDON RAMSAY (VOICEOVER): This is Florida, a state known for as hot sun and amazing seafood. But in these crystal blue waters, an unwelcome predator, the lion fish, threatens the very ecosystem that makes this place so incredible. I’m going to meet Eric and Grace who are a husband and wife team, and […]