Actual Gordon Ramsay Cooking Video

*clap* Right, Gordon Ramsay here to teach you a wonderful, beautiful, healthy, cost-effective meal you can cook in your very own home. Olive oil! Now first you’re gonna want the olive oil in the pan. Just a touch! Then you’re gonna want just a touch of olive oil. Followed by just a touch of olive […]

6 Times Gordon Ramsay Actually LIKED THE FOOD! | Kitchen Nightmares COMPILATION

Wow Wow Jesus thanks telly there's a loop fantastic it tastes delicious you made that email it makes it mm-hmm I'm just so happy that Chef Ramsay likes into bread pudding it feels great to end on a good note loves it I took full responsibility for a bread pudding that is all me Daryl […]

Gordon Ramsay Tears Down Fake, Lying Chef – Kitchen Nightmares

it's work talk about lunch yeah it's going to be entertaining your thought for my lunch my thoughts on yeah on your alarm yeah I didn't side yeah I've never had anybody in my career critiqued my items that told me every one of them was a piece of shit and he had to go […]