Hells Kitchen Season 1 Michael Wray

All right, I’m with the Hell’s Kitchen season 1 winner Michael ray, and we’re just here to just talk with you guys about his Hell’s Kitchen experience and where he’s at now Solve the mystery. Yeah, well solve the mystery all right Michael. How was your Hell’s Kitchen experience, and if you can explain it […]

Egg-Fried Rice Noodles with Chicken – Gordon Ramsay

first off for those tokens now these are rice noodles into a bowl and just pour hot water over the rice noodles soak and rehydrate 12 to 15 minutes to stop and up if you've got a wok perfect if not just a normal sized frying pan with big sloping sides pan on get it […]

Ramsay's Classic Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon – Gordon Ramsay

my ultimate Christmas day is relaxed affair with great food when you're well prepared there's no need to rush so once the turkeys underway Christmas morning in the Ramsey household always starts with a late breakfast of deliciously creamy scrambled eggs and smoked salmon this recipe is a ramsey family tradition on Christmas Day smoked […]

Sticky Pork Ribs – Gordon Ramsay

hi everyone just a big thank you for watching all those amazing videos I hope you had as much fun as I did making them now just a quick reminder to subscribe to the YouTube channel to get the latest and updated and the most exciting videos I've ever done just press click to subscribe […]

Delia Smith's Cooking School – Gordon Ramsay

I'm attempting to go undercover to test out some of the celebrity cookery courses that you at home can join one fuck things up with jean-christophe Novelli you are golden loves it for fuck's sake so really gonna have to pull my finger out and sharpen up if I'm gonna fool my next target Saint […]

Hilarious Argument – Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

Learning Turkish Cuisine – Gordon Ramsay

How To Cook The Perfect Pasta – Gordon Ramsay

it can be easily undercooked or overcooked here's how to do it properly first water Lin nice large pan to make sure the passing got sufficient room to cook evenly nicely seasoned absolutely crucial olive oil in that stops the pasta from sticking together bring up to the ball that's the rolling boil the secret […]

Chef Ramsay's Six Top Kitchen Tricks – Gordon Ramsay

your pepper mill is more versatile than you might think tighten the top screw to get finely ground pepper ideal for soups and sauces for general seasoning you want it medium ground so set the screw in the middle and loosen it right off for coarse pepper perfect for steaks and fish peeling garlic one […]

How To Cook The Perfect Rice – Gordon Ramsay

basmati rice the king of all Rice's light fluffy delicious and I'm going to show you how to cook it perfectly now start off with 400 grams of rice rice in spot-on something to do now is just rinse off the dust and a starch cold water always and is rinse the rice that stops […]