Kalen Makes Stuffed Puff Rice Krispies with Marshmello, Marshmallows, and Kane Brown

Hey everybody. It’s me, Kalen Allen. And I’m here today with Marshmello and Kane Brown. What’s up? How you doing? Now, Marshmello, you have a YouTube channel about food and, coincidentally, I do too. And today, we’re going to make Rice Krispies Treats, which I understand is your recipe, correct? [MUSIC PLAYING] I believe first […]

“Beans and Belly” – Roast Pork Belly on Black-Eyed Peas Salad – Food Wishes

Hello, this is chef. John from food wishes comm with beans and belly That’s right It’s a proven fact that eating pork and beans at the start of a new year Will bring you great luck in lots of good fortune and this belief is based on not just centuries of anecdotal evidence But also […]

Zéro déchet dans sa cuisine mobile sur les fermes du Québec – Kimchi et autres!

To be faithful to ourself is to listen, in the roar of the world, our own murmur and to follow it’s direction. We enter here. It would be amazing to work directly with local farmers! So I talked with Sonia and Etienne, owners of Le Jardin Du Village, And I asked them: -Would you be […]

Mexico City’s Best Late Night Food – Drunk Eats

-[ Laughs ] ♪♪ -Night life in Mexico City starts super early and ends very late. That’s why we have to eat something before we start drinking. Right now we’re in the south of Mexico City, and we’re gonna have a giant torta, which is a huge sandwich. These are called Muertortas. ♪♪ [ Laughter […]

HIMLEKÖK (Sweden): Airmix® spraying quality is a must for our Kitchen cabinets! | SAMES KREMLIN

Hi my name is Tobias, I work as Production Manager here at Himlekök Today, we make about 150-160 custom-made kitchen interiors for customers around Sweden. Every kitchen we manufacture is unique, there are no standards. Our high level of quality and our customers’ high demands on us require that we have a good cooperation with […]

Inside Training: Action-packed first session for Alisson | Great goals, a world-class save and more

Keep your leg high, push them right off. Same on the way back, please. That’s it. So you’re just coming to the side here, stop in this good position, only four each side, yeah? Acceleration position there. Curtis. Go! Go! Come on! Go! Jump! Go! Jump! LAUGHTER OK, boys, let’s go, bring it in. ANDY: […]

Kids Try German Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– Mm hmm. – No, I’m just hungry. (laughs) (upbeat music) Hi, I’m Crystal! Today I’m trying food from Germany! – Hi, I’m Zander. – I’m Jacob. – No I am not. – Kinda. – It’s in Europe. They’ve had some hard times, but they have a pretty progressive leadership currently. – Angela Merkel. – […]

Multi cuisine Restaurant|Family Restaurant|GamesofDining

Hello everybody! people make memories, we make MOMOries! Always remember stressed is just desserts spelled backwards! It’s always warm when you are tending the grill. Good food equals good mood Nothing brings people together like good food

Pasta | Basics with Kevin

Pasta? Alright, hey this is Kevin. I guess we’re making some pasta today. This is looking good. We’ve gotta make a little bit of a well with your off camera flour. I did absolutely five minutes, five minutes, of research for this video. You gotta crack one handed cracks. Like the pros do it, nice […]