❤ Anh Anh Cooking ❤ Cuisine Ẩm Thực Món Ăn Ngon Từ Ớt Chuông Và Bông Cải Lạ Vị

Hello all of you Today, I will make delicious food from bell peppers and broccoli Soak bell peppers and broccoli in salt water for a few minutes Shrimp is still fresh Boil tofu in boiling water for 3 minutes to remove acidity Shrimp put on the island and then picked out immediately For peeling shrimp […]

❤ Anh Anh Cooking ❤ Cuisine Ẩm Thực Sinh Tố Hồng Ăn Là Ghiền Làm Cái Nút Vàng

Hello all of you Today, I eat pink smoothie. I use 2 ripe persimmons Along with, 2 tablespoons of yogurt 2 Scoops of honey 5 Scoops Sweetened milk with sugar 6 Tablespoons condensed milk You can reduce the condensed milk, and instead of 1 or 2 teaspoons of sugar, it’s up to you Finally, 6 […]

❤ Anh Anh Cooking ❤ Cuisine Ẩm Thực Sường Nướng Cay Vừa Ăn Vừa Hít Vừa Hà…Ngon Không Chịu Nổi

Hello all of you Today, my family ate a spicy barbecue Thitj we washed with lemon, salt and drained First, we will prepare the ingredients to marinate the meat Garlic and onions, you take 1 spoon of garlic water, 1 spoon of water onions 1 Tbsp water mixed with glutinous rice and five flavors 1 […]

Cooked Fried Potatoes

Hi everyone! Today I’ll show you how to make cooked fried potatoes that make a great side dish. First wash well the potatoes to remove any dirt from the skin. Next, peel the skin and remove any spots or bad parts of the potatoes. This way prepared potatoes will make an excellent side dish for […]

Skips Kitchen Carmichael Ca | The Rescue Ronnie Show! Episode 94

Hey this is Ronnie and this is the rescue Ronnie show today I’m here at Skip’s kitchen a legendary restaurant here in Carmichael California we’re at the corner of greenfield and El Camino right across the street from the Blind Pig let’s go check it out all right so I’m here with skip wal how […]

Ice Cream Inspired By Indian Spices & Flavors || Fork Yeah

– When most people think of Indian food, their mind goes to things like curries, naan, and chicken tikka, which we all know really isn’t Indian. But today, we are headed to Malai, a Brooklyn-based ice cream company that specializes in flavors inspired by Indian desserts and spices. Our first stop was to their production […]

Intro Kai’s Kitchen

This is Kai’s Kitchen, it’s a place that I designed for myself It’s really my fantasy dream apartment in Paris I’m a food lover and I love above all cooking for people I always dreamed about opening my own restaurant But didn’t really feel like standing behind the stove every night of the week. For […]

Japanese-Jewish Restaurant Blends Cuisines || Eat Seeker

– We went to Japan and ate a lot of food together, and I think that kind of clicked in his head that he wants to do something with me. We came back and then he was like, “I wanna open a restaurant with you,” and I was like, “Really?” (laughter) OK. We didn’t want […]

Good Food Changes Lives: Sherry’s Story

Before I came here to FoodFit, I had medical issues. I used to take over 13 pills in the morning for breakfast. Being obese, my doctor finally said, “Look it’s do or die,” and that was literal. I said I wanted to be there for my grandkids. So I started off doing it for them […]

The Restaurant Behind the Grilled Pizza Revolution || Eat Seeker

– Any pizza that’s made with quality ingredients and a lot of thought is delicious. We’ve made grilled pizza everywhere. In some places, it’s caught on, and in others, it’s unknown. With this technique, it’s absorbing the smells and the aromas of the fire; it’s a unique method of doing it and a unique taste. […]