IKEA Duktig play kitchen unboxing & build #BritishDadStuff

Hello, I’m Neil… and everything I do is wrong. [THEME TUNE] Today I’m going to show you how to build this – the IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen. We bought it and I built it for my little daughter, and she loves it. If you want to jump forward to the time at the bottom of […]

The Bumble Nums Make Underwater Watermelon Salad | Cartoons for Kids

The Bumble Nums Today, the Bumble Nums are going to make Underwater Watermelon salad But what’s the secret ingredient? One big underwater watermelon Just past the orchard by the pond, the Bumble Nums are getting ready to go diving for underwater watermelons There’s Grumble. Yum There’s Humble Yum yum And there’s Stumble Uh…Stumble That’s better […]

Melissa & Doug Corner Wooden Toy Kitchen Playset Unboxing + Ice Cream + Pizza Party Toy Food Cooking

New Sky Kids! -We’re going to build a kitchen! [screams] -Why am I doing the hard…Ah! Hey! -Great. Now I have to squat down. -Let go! -Nope! -Let go… -We’re wobbling it out. -Estee! I was balancing on boxes when I was four months old. -Yay… more organizing. -Aww… -Boring. -Do we have a bag? […]

FUNNY SCHOOL SUPPLY DIYS || How to Sneak Gummy Food in Class with 123 GO! GOLD!

oh I can’t see what I’m doing perfect this hair clip will do let me just pull my hair back and clip it right in there no oh major clip fail oh man seriously this just isn’t my day is it ooh sorry girl that’s a bummer if you ever have a classroom clip conundrum […]

PUMPKIN SPICE cookies ||Emmy (Baking with Emmy)

-Hey guys, It’s Missy -And it’s Ellie and today we’re going to be getting into the autumn spirit by making some pumpkin spice, chocolate dipped cookies Oh my god, it sounds absolutely amazing and i’m so looking forward to this *Happy music* -If you are curious about the state of our faces -We don’t usually […]

YOU MUST TRY these PANCAKES!! | Rydel Lynch

Making FOOD out of SLIME! Food vs Slime Challenge (PART 2)

Hey guys, it’s Chloe and welcome back to my channel today I am doing up making food out of slime part 2, I will leave the link to the first one below But you guys really enjoyed that so I thought I would recreate it and do some different foods as you guys have noticed […]

DIY Food Costumes! Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas!

Are you afraid of the dark? I can see you. From behind I will catch you before you know “Laughs crazily” Are you scared? I am you ” intro music” Hey guys! What’s up it’s Cloe! I hope you guys enjoyed the new Clotober intro and I hope you’re excited for the this next clotober […]