How the food you eat affects your gut – Shilpa Ravella

Trillions of bacteria, viruses, and fungi live on or inside of us, and maintaining a good, balanced relationship with them is to our advantage. Together, they form the gut microbiome, a rich ecosystem that performs a variety of functions in our bodies. The bacteria in our guts can break down food the body can’t digest, […]

Always wash your hands before, during, and after preparing food

A boy and a girl are at the kitchen counter watching their father slice a carrot. The man is dressed like a superhero. Suddenly, on the left side of the kitchen, a woman appears, also dressed like a superhero. She is standing at a sink. She begins to wash her hands.

Washing Chicken Spreads Germs

Washing Chicken Spreads Germs Raw chicken can have germs that cause food poisoning. If you wash chicken, you can spread those germs to your sink. And washing doesn’t kill the germs on the chicken. Even if you clean your sink, you may not get rid of all the germs. Watch out! The sink isn’t as […]

What’s going on in your kitchen?

[laughs] Oven! Looking hot today! Oh, Grater. Thanks. You look… Grate? Yes! I know. What’s cooking, good lookin’? Nothing yet! What about you, FFF-Fridge? Got some fff-food for me? Get lost, Grater. I refuse to get hot and bothered because of you today! Oh Fridge! Why are you so cold to me? I’m a fridge, […]

Is the 5 Second Food Rule Real?

welcome back to SourceFed I'm Candace castle and I'm Ava Gordy I often eat off the floor oh no I dropped the pepperoni and it's true ain't pepperoni off the floor don't worry about Ava I follow the five-second rule is the pepperoni dusty I would stick to the 1 second rule with the pep […]

Public Health: A Very Short Introduction | Virginia Berridge

one public health is a very broad concept it can be in the health of the whole population and freedom from disease but it can also mean the prevention of sickness and poor health the removal or the mitigation of risks to the population so it means the promotion of good health rather than just […]

How the food you eat affects your gut – Shilpa Ravella

المترجم: Maryam Eladdadالمدقّق: Hani Eldalees تعيش التريليونات من البكترياوالفيروسات والفطريات علينا أو بداخلنا والمحافظة على علاقةجيدة ومتوازنة معها يعد من مصلحتنا. ومعًا تكون ميكروبيوم الأمعاء نظام بيئي غني يؤديوظائف عديدة في أجسادنا. البكتريا الموجودة في الأمعاء تستطيعتكسير الطعام الذي لا يمكن هضمه، وإنتاج المواد الغذائية الهامة، تنظيم الجهاز المناعي، والحماية ضد الجراثيم الضارة. ليس لدينا […]