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[MUSIC] Hey, everybody.>>Hi, guys. >>So welcome to How to Feed a Loon.>>I’m Kris >>And I’m Wesley.>>The Loon.>>The Loon.>>And folks we’re really excited. We’re always excited, because today we are doing a classic dish, but we are elevating it to.>>Yeah we’re making a little [SOUND], shall we?>>[LAUGH] What?>>Gourmet Beef Stroganoff.>>We’re making the a little gourmet, I […]

Comfort Food | HOW TO MAKE SOUTHERN BISCUITS | How To Feed a Loon

[MUSIC] Let’s make some biscuits shall we? Let’s make some southern biscuits. >>Let’s make biscuits.>>So actually there’s a few techniques then some really great ingredients and you’re going to have the best Southern biscuits you’ll ever had in your life. >>Yes.>>So it all starts with flour. >>Flour.>>This is some self raising flour and I just […]

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[MUSIC]>>I really hope this is something sweet because I am so in the mood for sweets!>>Don’t you think you already have enough sugar in your tank?>>Hey everybody, welcome to How To Feed a Loon I’m Chris>>And I’m Wesley.>>The sweet layered.>>[LAUGH] A too much sugar in my [CROSSTALK]>>Sugary lip. So folks, thank you so much for […]

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[MUSIC] Hey everybody.>>Hi. >>Welcome to How to Feed a Loon. I’m Kris >>And I’m Wesley.>>The Loon.>>The Loon.>>And folks, we’re really excited that you’re here because we are making, I’m telling you, it’s one of the best things in the world.>>It’s so good.>>Let’s tell them, we’re making you best-ever egg salad.>>So good.>>Folks, this is going to […]

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[MUSIC] Now what is this? >>That’s a power tool. Put it down. >>Ooh, I love power tools. >>I know, that’s.why you should put it down/ >>But it’s so- >>Hi.>>Hey, everybody. Welcome to How to Feed a Loon. >>I’m Chris. >>And I’m Wesley. >>The loon.>>The loon who loves power tools.>>I know no one likes you with […]