Cooking With Marshmello: How To Make The PLANTA Burger (Vegan Edition)

Well well Mello, here we are at episode 25 of your very own cooking show! 🙂 Now now Marshmello, let’s not forget our humble beginnings. Remember your days as sous chef at PLANTA over in Miami? (funny music) (funny music) *HEHE XD* (funny music) *LOL XD* A simpler time eh Mello? To commemorate your early […]

Olive Garden Salad Mix

Urban Gardening: Growing Lettuce & Salad Leaves in Containers

[Music] Cut-and-come–again salad greens are simply salads that can be cut repeatedly to give multiple harvests. They’re quick to grow, don’t take up too much room, and they’re totally delicious! Here’s how to grow them. You’ll need good-quality potting soil, some seeds and of course a container with drainage holes. Quirky yet attractive alternatives to […]


hello my karma babies hi guys how are you today okay so I showed you what we have I have a salad today I’ve got lettuce tomatoes cherry tomatoes cucumber I have some peppers in here pickles some red onion I have some chicken chicken thighs fried chicken thighs and for dessert I have egg […]

Untangling nature’s food webs

Professor Jane Memmott, University of Bristol One of the fascinating things about food webs is you do see the same patterns come up again and again. So for example, if I had a parasitoid network from my back garden, it wouldn’t look that different to a parasitoid network that we collect from the tops of […]

Growing and Foraging 100% of My Food – Day 333 Update

Hey everybody, Rob Greenfield here, and today is day 333 of growing and foraging all of my food. No restaurants, no grocery stores, no pantries at a friend’s house, no dumpster diving, no eating from another friend’s garden. Literally growing and foraging 100% of my food. It’s been about 4 months since my last update, […]

Making a braided challah bread

Hey folks, today we’re going to do some bread. Em we’re gonna do something called challah which is traditionally a Jewish bread that’s eaten on Shabbat and also on Rosh Hashana appropriately so happy new year to all my Jewish friends out there and Rosh Hashanaa starts tonight for those who don’t know. This bread […]


Summer Barbeque Ideas for Everyone Having a summer BBQ is a fun way to bring people together. Whether neighbors, work colleagues, or family � a BBQ in the summer is the ideal way to do it. It�s the causal atmosphere, the games you play, and the food you eat which will bring you all together […]

A very short guide to making pancakes

Hey folks, I’m Eli_App_D and today we’re making pancakes! So today we’re talking pancakes and in the UK, or rather most of the UK, when people talk about pancakes the mean those really, really flat, paper thin crepes from France. Apart from Scotland however. Here in Scotland when we talk about pancakes, we mean these […]

Tour a Thriving 23-Year-Old Permaculture Food Forest – An Invitation for Wildness

My philosophy about what to do in the world isn’t, go to a pristine area and live there and enjoy your life. It’s to find a place that’s degraded and fix it up. Twenty-three years ago we started developing the food forest system here. A food forest is a permanent planting. So you want to […]